Nutrition Counseling / Coaching available                             at Student Health Partners

Nutrition Philosophy: 

Optimal nutrition is unique for each individual. Eating with balance, moderation, and variety in mind, as well as listening to the body's natural cues, allows us to eat intuitively and with the intention to meet our energy needs.

  • We encourage non-restrictive, weight-neutral approaches to both nourishing our bodies and enjoying our food.
  • We embrace body diversity and encourage everybody to acknowledge their potential to thrive. 
  • We encourage fun activity and joyful movement that energizes your body and spirit. 

If you would like support to find the best ways to make peace with food and your body, consider an appointment with our Registered Dietitian Nutritionist. They help empower students to discover your unique path to well-being. 

If you are eligible to use Student Health Services, you may see the dietitian/nutritionist for no additional charge. 


Nutrition Services:

An initial visit will last 45-60 minutes to create student-developed goals, and follow-ups are variable depending on need. 

Some areas of interest may be:

  • Eating or body concerns
  • Gut issues or other medical concerns 
  • Generalized well-being and how to move toward food and activity choices that support a thriving lifestyle

To schedule an appointment please contact:
The front office at Student Health Partners - Medical Services
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