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You feel terrible! Fever, chills, cough, runny nose. Is it the Flu? Could you get even sicker, and what serious problems should you watch for?


The links on this page will help answer some common questions about the flu, help you take care of yourself, and help you know when to come to UHP Medical Services.


Flu Shots - no longer available at UHP as of 03/18/2020

On March 18, 2020, UHP Medical Services ran out of seasonal flu shots (immunization against influenza).  In addition to providing flu shots to individual students, UHP conducted four Flu Shot Clinics in Fall 2019 and has immunized over 3,000 students this flu season.

At this time, we encourage you to check with local commercial pharmacies, but call first because the supply varies from store to store.  You may also check with the Gallatin City-County Health Department but we caution you that telephone wait times may be lengthy due to their need to address questions regarding COVID-19.