We're moving!

Pharmacy services continue at Swingle  - Student Health Services through August 1. Use the pharmacy pick up window by Door #2. Call head to 406-994-5498.

Pharmacy will be closed August 2, 2024. Reopening August 5, 2024 at the Student Wellness Building. 


The MSU Pharmacy has both prescription and over-the-counter items. We provide education and counseling on proper drug usage, disposal, interactions and side effects.

The MSU Pharmacy can fill prescriptions from any provider, not just Student Health Services providers, as long as they are licensed to prescribe in the United States. 

Prescriptions from other pharmacies can be transferred to the MSU Pharmacy. The MSU Pharmacy can help you with this easy process.

MSU Pharmacy use:

1) To aid in the flow of pharmacy functions, PLEASE CALL AHEAD:  406-994-5498

  • Speak to a staff member or leave a message on the the secure phone line.
  • No need to call back if you leave a message.

2) If you are no longer staying in Bozeman and need your prescription(s):

  • Please call the pharmacy at 406-994-5498 to discuss how to have a prescription transferred.

Check out some of the questions below to learn more!

  • Full-time students taking 7+ credits is automatically assessed the health fee and is eligible.
  • Any student with one or more credits can choose to pay the health fee and use the pharmacy.
  • Students enrolled in Gallatin College are eligible to use the pharmacy IF they choose to pay the health fee .
  • MSU employees are not eligible to use the pharmacy unless they are also students who have paid the fee.
  • Children of students are not eligible to use the pharmacy.
  • If you have refills remaining on your prescription, you may either visit the pharmacy to request a refill and wait to have it filled. Or call ahead, and we'll have your prescription waiting for you.
  • If you don't have refills remaining, please contact the prescriber for a new prescription, and follow their instructions. Please be aware that some offices require up to 72 hours for refill authorization.

The MSU Pharmacy participates with most prescription insurance plans. Please present your insurance card when you get a prescription filled if you would like us to submit your claim. 

Most students elect to charge payment to their student account - this can be paid online or at Montana Hall. Students may also pay the day of service at the SHS front desk.

Ask one of our pharmacists! We have lots of great reference sources to help. 

Blue Medical Disposal Box 

  • SHS Pharmacy 
  • MSU Police Department

Follow directions for disposal on Blue Box

Call it in: 406-994-5498

Fax it in: 406-994-7071

escribe (electronically sent) to: MSU Student Health ServicesPharmacy

7th and Grant

Bozeman, MT 59717.