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Written by the family of Tyrel Berg

What would you do as a young man receiving the devastating news you have Type 1 Diabetes? Our beloved son, Tyrel Berg, received his diagnosis as a freshman in high school. However, he was determined that his illness would neither define nor confine him. He was determined to live his life as a normal teenager. Tyrel continued pursuing his passions throughout high school, including sports, clubs, hunting, and wild horse racing. Tyrel's favorite pastime was riding his dirt bike and snowmobile.

Tyrel John Berg was the fifth generation of the Berg family to be born and raised in the Lennep-Martinsdale area. Growing up on the family ranch he learned to appreciate the importance of the land, for both agriculture and recreation.

Tyrel's dream to design snowmobiles led him to Montana State University in Bozeman to pursue a Mechanical Engineering Technology Degree. Along with attending college, he worked part-time to fund his education and joined the Alpha Gamma Rho Fraternity. Tyrel's openness and kind nature won him the friendship and respect of many, including his brothers and sisters within the fraternities and sororities at MSU.

Not wanting to call attention to his health, Tyrel controlled his diabetes in a quiet, casual manner. He was not one to ask for help but would always educate those around him if they asked questions. It is the hope of Tyrel's family that by donating funds to promote health education and wellness at MSU, students and others will take the initiative to educate themselves in respect to their own health as well as the health needs of friends, roommates, and family. We all have the chance to make a difference between the life and death among those we love. May you all be safe, happy and healthy. 



Photo portrait of Tyrel Berg




"Fortune Always Favors the Bold"

- A favorite saying of Tyrel's.



Diabetes and the College Student

For every student, making the transition to college can be very difficult. The tasks involved in making the move can be endless - everything from traveling to meeting new roommates to lining up school supplies, purchasing healthy groceries, buying books, and then making sure finances are in order before classes begin.

For the individual with diabetes, many extra steps are necessary as well. Touching base with care providers, coordinating communication between care providers, filling prescriptions and purchasing supplies, and then getting to know the new environment are all included on the endless list of tasks to take care of before classes begin and during those demanding first weeks.

At Montana State University, various resources are available to those with diabetes, and knowing that programs do exist can help a person through the early times of transition. First, SHP Medical Services (located in the Swingle Building, east of the SUB) has physicians, nurse practitioners, and physician assistants who can help with general diabetes care. A registered dietitian is on staff to help with diabetic meal planning. A pharmacy is available at SHP to help with medications and supplies. Guest speakers often come to campus to give presentations within the residence halls, the fraternity / sorority system, and even for some academic courses.


Local Diabetes Resources

Bozeman Health Deaconess Hospital

Bozeman Health provides both diabetes support and education. More information on their educational programs can be found on their website or by calling 406-414-5331.


National Diabetes Resources

These websites are available for reference into the ongoing research and education aimed at the prevention and treatment of diabetes across the nation. Diabetes is treatable and advanced disease is preventable and health care providers are readily available to help guide the individualized care needed for those with the disease. Check out the latest information in comprehensive care!

Other Diabetes Resources