Lt Col Ratterman

Lieutenant Colonel Lance J. Ratterman

Lieutenant Colonel Lance J. Ratterman is the Commander of Air Force ROTC Detachment 450, the Professor of Air and Space Studies and the Department Head for Air and Space Studies in the College of Engineering at Montana State University (MSU). 

Recruiting Flight Officer

Gregory headshot

Capt Scott E. Gregory

Captain Gregory is the Recruiting Officer at Detachment 450.  He is an Assistant Professor of Air and Space Studies and provides instruction on each level of the Air Force ROTC program. 

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Operations Flight Commander

Vacant Photo

Major Cassandra L. Wojtaszek

Major Wojtaszek is the Operations Officer at Detachment 450.  She is responsible for leading, training, counseling and evaluating students and cadets in the Detachment.  

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NCOIC of Administration

SSgt Valenzuela

Staff Sergeant Celeste Valenzuela

Staff Sergeant Celeste Valenzuela is the NCOIC of  Administration at Detachment 450.  TSgt Valenzuela manages cadet records, Field Training Prep, medical/physicals, cadet pay, cadet uniforms, enlistments, categorization and commissioning.  



Department Liaison

Ms. Turney

Ms. Melissa Turney

Ms. Turney is a veteran of the US Air Force and a former student of Montana State University.  As the department's administrative assistant, she is responsible for coordinating departmental actions with the university and headquarters AFROTC.

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Last updated April 2021