Balius, Quincy: (Chair) Alex Harmon

Monumental Memories: The Bear River Massacre, Gendered Settler-Colonial Violence, and Decolonization in Public History (MA thesis)

Gaston, Marcy: (Chair) J. Mitchell Vaterlaus

How Do They Feel About Cooking?

Ready, Tyler: (Chair) Robert Bennett

Fear in the 21st Century

Sward, Sandra: (Chair) Robert Rydell

Embedded in Stained Glass: America's Civil Religion

Zignego,  Jordan: (Chair) Dennis Aig

The Structure of Cultural Memory: The Photography of Tom Wright


Aspenson, Ceilon: (Chair) Walter Fleming

The State of the Field: Contemporary Native American Art

Griffiths, William (Co-chairs) Mark Fiege and Alex Harmon

Our Last Cast: The Future of Salmonid Angling in the American West (MA thesis)

Leary, Courtney: (Chair) Mary Murphy

Documentary Photography, Climate Crisis, and Immigration: Migrant Mother as a Lens to Understand Contemporary Migrant Stories (MA thesis)

Narotsky, Emma: (Chair) Mark Fiege

Humans and Howls: Wolves and the Future of Animal Communication (MA thesis)

Powers, Andrea: (Chair) Susan Kollin

American Fantasies and Imagined Histories: Ethnic Play and Settler Colonialism in Twentieth-Century Wyoming

Sulam, Barry: (Chair) Eric Austin

Saving Cultural Resources By Learning Places


Biehl, Mary: (Chair) Walter Fleming

Mary Meigs Atwaer:  The Many Lives of an American New Woman

Davenport, Hannah: (Co-Chairs) Robert Rydell and Michael Neeley

The Changing Face of Folkloric Transmission:  Bigfoot and the American Psyche (MA thesis)

Hanson, Daniel: (Chair) Susan Kollin

Western American Spectral Studies:  Haunting in Film, Literature, and Landscape

Keesee, Angela: (Chair) Mary Murphy

Green Onions:  Kitchen Design and Foodways in Mid-Century Memphis

Roberts, Brent: (Chair) Robert Rydell

“Steady Hammer:” Origins of American Counterterrorism in the Dime Novel World of William J. Flynn

Robinson, Tonya: (Chair) Susan Kollin

Manifest Americans:  The Modern-Day Appropriation of the Agrarian Myth


Matzinger, Ryan J.:  (Chair) Robert W. Rydell (Co-Chair) Billy G. Smith
Predilection, Progress, and Prejudice:  Coon Songs and the Construction of Race in Nineteenth-Century American Culture (MA thesis)

Savoie, Gianna M.:  (Chair) Michael Reidy

Our Storied Sea:  Crafting a Collective Narrative of the Ocean Through Accompaniment (2018)


Medicine Horse, Cassidy Anne: (Chair)  Matthew Herman

Locating the Transgender Other:  Alterity in 21st-Century America

Woodcock-Medicine Horse,  Jennifer Neso eoo’e: (Chair) Robert Rydell

Green Museums Waking Up the World:  Indigenous and Mainstream Approaches to Exploring Sustainability (2018)


Baehr, Ninia: (Chair) Mary Murphy

Our Bodies, Our Lives, Our Right to Decide: Reproductive Freedom, Self-Directed Dying, and Women's Autonomy

Coletta, Sarah Louise: (Chair) Robert Rydell

Bull Chief, Emerson Lee: (Chair) Matthew Herman 

Boyer, Pamela: (Chair) Sara Waller

Merriot, Ivy: (Chair) Sara Mast 

Hill, Jennifer: (Chair) Mary Murphy