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What is SmartyCats Tutoring?

 We offer three types of tutoring:

1. Drop-in Tutoring: Free to all students. No appointment needed.

Drop-in Tutoring is available on the second floor of the library and in South Hedges Hall.

Current schedules are on our website and posted around campus. Subjects include Math, Biology, Physics, Chemistry, Accounting, Spanish, and French.

2. Common Hour Exam Study Sessions: Free to all students. No appointment needed.

Common hour exams are given during the semester for multi-section courses. Review sessions are held in the Bobcat Court, outside SUB 177.

3. By Appointment for individual or small groups: $2 per hour.


Who are the SmartyCats Tutors?

SmartyCats tutors are current MSU students who enjoy sharing their knowledge with fellow students. They must have achieved at least a B+ in the courses they tutor and must have received a recommendation from the faculty member who taught the course.

They are good communicators and good listeners. They understand how challenging school can be, and they are on your team to help you succeed.


Why go to tutoring?

Provides personalized attention to increase your knowledge and understanding of the subject.

Talking through a problem with someone else can clarify your thinking or give you a new perspective to unlock understanding.

Improves grades. Research shows that after ten tutoring sessions most students improve by a full letter grade. Besides, learning is more fun with an ally!

There is no limit to the number of times that you can attend tutoring. You will receive 700 ChampChange points for each session that you attend. You can use to purchase prizes during each semester’s ChampChange auction.


All appointments must be booked or canceled at least 24 hours in advance. Any cancellations made less than 24 hours in advance will forfeit the $2 session fee. All tutoring pass purchases are valid through December 18, 2020. No refunds will be issued. Please plan accordingly to take advantage of all sessions prior to expiration.


SmartyCats Mission
SmartyCats at Montana State University seeks to provide a positive environment of academic support and encouragement to facilitate students in the attainment of their educational objectives.  SmartyCats will help students develop learning strategies necessary to reach their academic goals at Montana State University and will teach students how to apply these skills in college and in life.