drawing of MT Hall in winter

Name  Position         Represents
Leist, Terry Chair VP for Administration & Finance
Mokwa, Robert Vice Chair Executive VP for Academic Affairs & Provost
Carter, Jason Member VP for Research & Economic Development and Graduate Education
Kearns, Chris Member VP for Student Success
Trotter, Michael Member Chief Information Officer
Obbink, Kim Member Outreach & Engagement Chair
Fastnow, Chris Member Planning Council Chair
Ranalli, Mark Member Dean's Council**
Woolard, Craig Member Department Head**
Watson, Bradford Member Faculty Senate*
Brown, Tia Member MSU All Staff Council**
Bissett, Matt Member ASMSU - Undergraduate*
McCollum, Conner Member Graduate Student*

*    indicates a 1-year renewable term                                                                                           Updated November 25, 2020  **  indicates a 2-year renewable term