The mission of the Jabs Ambassadors is to recruit and retain students for MSU’s Jake Jabs College of Business and Entrepreneurship, while instilling a life-long appreciation for business and entrepreneurship with current and prospective students.


2023-2024 Ambassadors


Year: Senior

Major: Business Finance and Marketing

Hello! My name is Isabella Caputo from Bakersfield, California and I am currently a senior majoring in Business Finance and Marketing. The biggest appeal to becoming an ambassador was having the ability to make a difference at Montana State University and leave a positive impact on Jabs as well as the students. Jabs has such an amazing community that has provided me with so many opportunities from meeting with professionals for possible internships to creating a business in BGEN 104 to banana splits. I will definitely say the most beneficial class for me is BMIS 211 as it teaches you the best and easiest ways to make effective Excel sheets. In the future, I am planning on putting my degree to work by working for the Walt Disney Company or becoming a Marketing Manager for the NFL, preferably the Seattle Seahawks.


Year: Junior

Major: Business-Marketing and Finance

Hello! My name is Aleisha Dutton, and I am one of the Jabs Student Ambassadors. I am a Business-Marketing and Finance major in my third year of school.

I am excited to be an ambassador to help welcome new students to MSU and the Jake Jabs College of Business and Entrepreneurship! After my first semester at MSU, I switched my major to business, and it was important to me to get involved in the college. I was able to join AMA (American Marketing Association), and I served as the VP of Communications during my sophomore year. Now, I am the Executive Vice President for AMA. This engagement and getting involved with other clubs has positively shaped my experience as a college student, and I want to help other people find ways to feel connected to Jabs.

Fun Facts about Me:

Hometown : Billings, MT 

Favorite class: Operations Management

Hobbies outside of school: My favorite hobby is painting!  I have been acrylic painting since fourth grade. While I do not spend a lot of time painting while in school, it is great to pull out my paints and canvas once in a while to have some fun, relax, and probably make a bit of a mess! (My personal philosophy: If I don’t get paint on things besides the canvas, am I even having fun?)

Favorite place to study on campus: Third floor in Jabs in the area next to the windows by the Dean’s Conference Room


Year: Senior

Major: Business

Ryan DuVall, I am a student at Montana State University, and I am seeking a Bachelor of Science in business. I come from a heavy military background, and I plan to continue the family tradition. I am in the Montana Army National Guard and have been for two and a half years now, and right now I am in the ROTC program at MSU (Montana State University) Bozeman. I am also a mentor for freshman at the business college, and an advocate for Jake Jabs Business school. I am currently not married and have no kids, so it frees up a lot more money for me to go on adventures. My most memorable adventure would be one of my trips to Hawaii, where I got to explore and learn more about the distinct cultures and areas from various places around the island of Oahu


Year: Senior

Major: Management

Bio coming


Year: Senior

Major: Finance and Accounting

Hi everyone, My name is Kye Frazier-Harris and I am excited to be one of this year’s Jabs Ambassadors. I was born in Kalispell and grew up in Great Falls and moved to Bozeman for college. I am a Junior this year and this will be my second year in the college of Jabs after spending my Freshman year as a Computer Science major before realizing that it was not for me. I am double majoring in Accounting and Finance and plan to get my Master’s degree in Accounting along with my CPA. I wanted to become a Jabs ambassador in order to help with event planning and getting people more involved in the events that the college holds whether that be a fancy recruiting event or just some donuts with the dean. Outside of being a Jabs ambassador I work at the Office of Financial Education in the sub where I can answer any questions you might have about the college financial process. Outside of school you might catch me at Spire rock climbing or just hanging out with some friends procrastinating our homework or if I’m studying I'll sometimes be in the fireplace room in the SUB. My favorite class that I have taken in the college of Jabs is BMIS 211 with Kregg Aytes. It’s a class that solely focuses on data analysis through Excel and is super useful in all my other classes. My dream job is to be either a CFO of a large company or an owner of my own CPA firm. I look forward to meeting everyone at all the events we hold and (hopefully) making everyone’s semester just a bit better.


Year: Junior

Major: Marketing and Management

Hey guys! My name is Baylee Furthmyre and I am one of the JABs student ambassadors and a
JAM mentor! I am a senior, double majoring in Marketing and Management with a minor in
Small Business Management and Entrepreneurship. I grew up in Anaconda, Montana but
moved to Great Falls, Montana in 2016. I chose Montana State because of the opportunities
that are offered here for in-state students. I applied to be an ambassador because it was an
opportunity to be more involved with my college and connect with professors and students to
make a difference within the college of business.

I have worked with a ton of great professors here at Montana State, but two that have made the
biggest difference to me were Christine Sung and Brittney Stephenson. Their classes have
pushed me out of my comfort zone and interact within the class. They both always come to
class with an exciting, positive attitude to class everyday which makes their class more
enjoyable to attend everyday. If you get the chance to take a class with them, I would highly
recommend it!

One day I hope to get a masters in consulting and open my own small business that offers
marketing consulting to small Montana businesses. I grew up in Montana and there is no secret
that the state strives through its small businesses. I want to be able to provide the small
businesses an opportunity to have a structured marketing plan and help reach the customers
they need to stay in business.


Year: Senior

Major: Finance and Spanish

Hello everyone! My name is Emily Jahnke, and I am an ambassador for the Jake Jabs College of Business and Entrepreneurship! I am from Appleton, Wisconsin and moved to Montana to further my education. I am currently a Junior at Montana State studying Finance and Spanish. I wanted to be an Ambassador to enhance the college experience for my peer and advocate for additional opportunities for further career advancement within our programs. I am excited to talk with each of you and get to work with several of you in the future!

What are some of your hobbies outside of school?

Besides being a student, I enjoy being outdoors. Due to my passion for skiing, I am an avid backcountry skier as well as an occasional resort skier. I am also a ski Instructor at Bridger Bowl, so my winter season is filled with helping others discover a passion I possess as well as enjoying the winter season. I enjoy going skiing with friends and discovering new places to ski. I am always willing to go skiing with others, so if you need a ski buddy, feel free to reach out! When the snow is not here, I enjoy fishing the local rivers and running on trails with friends.

Where is your favorite place to study on campus?

I enjoy studying with friends at the library and picking up a coffee from the SUB. Another common place to find me studying is at International Coffee, or any other coffee shop in town.

What is your favorite class?

During my time at MSU I have taken several classes, but if I had to select one to be my favorite it would have to be BMIS 211. This class was very educational as well as applicative to other classes. Upon completing this course, I felt very prepared to work in excel, and I obtained the skills necessary to carry in my education as well as in my future career.

I look forward to this year and all the opportunities we will experience, and if you see me on campus, don’t be afraid to say hello!

Favorite place to study on campus 📚: Right now, I have been spending time in the library! It is great to get a quiet space that is dedicated to focusing on schoolwork! (There are also great study spaces in Jabs!)


Year: Sophomore

Major: Marketing

Hey there! I'm Erin Lawrence, your go-to source of energy in the lively halls of Jake Jabs. I was born and raised in Fargo, North Dakota and I am a currently a sophomore, pursuing a marketing degree. As a freshman, I played cello for the Montana State Symphony. In my free time, I enjoy snowboarding, rock climbing, and watching movies. 

What made me want to be an ambassador? Well, I’ve fallen head-over-heels for the incredible sense of community at our university. Helping spread that feeling to fellow students and faculty seemed like the natural next step. It's not just about classes; it's about turning our campus into a vibrant atmosphere for all.

For me, I am all things Jake Jabs. If I’m not attending meets, events, or classes here; you’ll find me renting study rooms with friends, playing music, or grinding out some work!

My favorite memory in Jabs this year was being a part of the mentor program and putting on the Hallowseve party. I had so much fun collaborating with the other mentors to put on an amazing party. From shopping for decorations to watching Professor Hans eat a donut hung from the ceiling, the entire experience is number one on my list.

The dream job for my 20s would be being a part of the marketing team for brands such as Red Bull or Burton, along with leading community outreach marketing campaigns.

In addition to being an ambassador, I’m also a mentor for first-year business students. The first day I stepped foot into Jabs, I felt at home. I am here to help provide that to others. With my infectious enthusiasm and commitment to building a thriving community, I am excited to represent Jake Jabs College of Business.


Year: Sophmore

Major: Marketing and Accounting

Hey everyone! My name is Jackson Redder, and I am one of the new Jabs Ambassadors. I am studying marketing and accounting with an Honors College degree. I am also involved with AMA (American Marketing Association) and the Outdoor Recreation Program.

I am from Spokane, Washington. I moved to Bozeman because of the amazing environment, culture, and awesome business school. After my tour of MSU, I immediately knew that MSU was going to be my new home. Bozeman has far exceeded my expectations and I’m excited for the years to come!

I wanted to be a Jabs Ambassador to become more connected in my college and school. I am most looking forward to promoting and influencing all the amazing programs JABS and MSU has to offer. There are many events this semester that I look forward to being able to have a part in.

My favorite two professors have been accounting professor, Steve Ault and honors college faculty, Thomas Donavan. Both these professors have changed how I think about learning and my life, and they have influenced my future in a very positive way. I’d encourage everyone to take a class from both of them!

Outside of school, you can find me skiing up at Bridger Bowl most days or doing something outside. In the warmer months, I love to camp and backpack! In the fall, I rotate between Revenue Flats, Hyalite Canyon, and Fairy Lake with my friends most weekends. I love to explore our amazing region and go backpacking in different places. This summer, I backpacked Mt. Rainer, the Enchantments, Sunshine Coast, and a few other areas! I also enjoy spending time in the quaint town of Ennis, Montana.

After college, I want to explore the world for a while and then end up in the Outdoor Recreation Industry and stay in the rocky mountain area!

I’ll be around Jabs a lot, so feel free to say high and have a great semester.


Year: Junior

Major: Accounting

Hey Bobcats! My name is Ava Rosenzweig and I am from Bozeman, Montana. I am currently a Junior at MSU and Iam majoring in Accounting, and am one of the Jabs Ambassadors!

One thing that I love about Jabs is the ability to connect with so many like-minded people. I have found so manygreat connections with students and faculty and the community that the Jabs College of Business has created isunlike any other program I have been a part of.

One of my favorite memories at MSU was when I went whitewater rafting with the new CABLE students, JAMmentors, Ambassadors, and some faculty down the Yellowstone River. It was a great start to the Fall 2022 and wasa fun way to get to know more people in Jabs.

On campus, you can find me studying in the library, the SUB, or in the American Indian Hall. In my free time, myfavorite place to go grab a coffee is Wild Joes downtown, or you can find me with friends or reading!


Year: Senior

Major:  Management

Hey shawties – my name is Amiya Williams! I am a junior here at Jabs studying Business Management & Community Health. I grew up in Great Falls, so I have always been a Montana girl. Being an MSU student opened the door for me to be on the board for a local Montana non-profit & the Montana District Governor of Circle K (if you want to get involved with either organization, let me know)!

My whole entire life I have always been a people person and being a Jabs Ambassador was a no brainer for me. I want everyone to have a positive experience here & get to know the opportunities Jabs has for us. As an ambassador, I have already met so many new people & am looking forward to getting to know all of you. Please come up & chat whenever!

-       Hobbies outside of school?

I love to do absolutely nothing…but I also love to do absolutely everything – hike, ski, fish, boat, camp, golf, bake, crack jokes, blah blah blah

-       Favorite place to study on campus?

Tucked under the stairs at Jabs, across from the computers. And when those seats are full, I usually awkwardly walk out of Jabs

-       Favorite memory at Jabs?

One time when the weather had just changed, I almost biffed it on the sidewalk outside the front doors at Jabs on a sheet of ice and caught myself last minute. A guy who watched it happen said, “That is mad impressive, I ate it earlier today. Happens to the best of us.” Basically, that is a core memory for me now & I pretend to not to be embarrassed whenever I do biff it

Jabs Ambassador Program Overview

The Jabs Ambassador Program, hosted by the Jake Jabs College of Business and Entrepreneurship at Montana State University, is a dynamic initiative designed to bolster community engagement, outreach, and student involvement. This program plays a pivotal role in showcasing the college's values, programs, and opportunities, thereby creating a nurturing and inclusive atmosphere for all stakeholders.


Ambassadors are the face of the Jake Jabs College of Business and Entrepreneurship, representing it to prospective students, faculty, alumni, and business professionals. The mission extends beyond representation; it seeks to recruit and retain students while fostering a lifelong appreciation for business and entrepreneurship.

Duties and Responsibilities

Ambassadors engage in various activities, including:

  • Organizing and supporting events like open houses and information sessions.
  • Conducting tours and presentations for prospective students.
  • Providing peer mentoring to navigate college opportunities.
  • Outreach to schools and community colleges.
  • Professional development through interaction with alumni and business professionals.


Participating in the Jabs Ambassador Program offers numerous advantages, such as professional skill development, extensive networking opportunities, significant resume enhancement, and personal growth through mentoring and teamwork.  Ambassadors receive a $500 scholarship each semester.

Program Structure and Schedule

Under the leadership of Director Mariah Stopplecamp, the program includes weekly seminars. The comprehensive schedule includes a variety of recruitment, retention, and educational events designed to develop presentation, community relations, and leadership skills.

Learning Outcomes

By participating, ambassadors will gain:

  • A thorough understanding of Jabs academic programs and student organizations.
  • Professional presentation skills.
  • Enhanced leadership abilities.
  • The capability to support diverse viewpoints and advocate effectively for the business community.

Expectations, Requirements, and Point System

Ambassadors must attend weekly seminars, assist with at least three general events, and choose two recruitment/retention events. A point system is implemented to track contributions, requiring a minimum engagement for program continuation.

Event Highlights

The semester is packed with varied activities, including:

  • Orientation and retreat sessions to kickstart the term.
  • Regular meetings to discuss upcoming events and initiatives.
  • Special events like "Donuts with the Dean," mentoring nights, and the Ambassador Lead Destress Fest.
  • The term concludes with a graduation event, celebrating the achievements of departing ambassadors.

How Do I Become an Ambassador?