About the workshop

Fifteen African filmmakers are learning the fine points of documentary film production at a four-week summer workshop at Montana State University’s acclaimed School of Film and Photography.  The filmmakers from Nigeria, Kenya and Ethiopia are in Montana on a program made possible by a grant from the Ford Foundation.

The course is geared to help talented filmmakers create documentary film in their country that will positively impact their country’s society. The skills they are learning here will empower these filmmakers to document what is going on in their country and to celebrate and challenge their countries to address injustices or problems.

While at MSU the students are learning the various modes of documentary, cinematography, lighting, interview techniques and post-production strategies, among other topics.

Read more about the students and this workshop in the MSU press release, "Fact vs. fiction: African feature filmmakers learn documentary techniques at MSU."


The students in action

Learning how to Handle the CamerasPreparing the CameraAn Outdoor LessonPreparing to Film the FallsCapturing Yellowstone FallsGetting a Better Angle on the FallsPreparing for an InterviewSetting up the SceneFocusing on the Shot

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