Montana State University’s College of Arts & Architecture supports the university’s strategic plan, “Choosing Promise,” through thoughtful alignments of its vision, mission, values, intentional areas of focus and goals. 


Relying on the uniqueness of our place in Montana and the special talents of our faculty, the College of Arts & Architecture will inspire and challenge students and communities to engage with the world through creative and critical inquiry and expression.


The College of Arts & Architecture fosters a vibrant and inclusive environment of learning that prioritizes creativity, innovation and risk-taking—cultivating graduates who are historically engaged, technically sophisticated and creatively motivated.


Through an emphasis on access and opportunity, we embrace the highest intellectual, artistic, and professional standards of our disciplines.

We believe in the critical importance of our creative contributions to society and the power of our practices to leave the world better than we found it.

We believe that research and creativity are the foundations for successful community and institutional partnerships, increased social awareness and disciplinal growth—always adhering to the tenets of our land-grant mission.

Ingenuity and Risk-Taking
Through independence and teamwork, we embrace challenges with imagination and creativity, making our contributions impactful and distinctive.

Respect and Inclusivity
We are committed to transparent, inclusive and meaningful dialogue.