Classes and offices for many departments in the College of Letters and Science are based here, including: English, History and Philosophy, Mathematical Sciences, Native American Studies, Political Science, and Sociology and Anthropology. Students can receive academic assistance at the Writing Center, Math Center and Local Government Center. The offices for the Dean of College of Letters and Science are also located in Wilson Hall. Visitors are welcome to stop by the Native American Center on the lower level.

Completed in 1976, the building is named for Milburn Lincoln Wilson, agriculture economics faculty 1914-34, and then undersecretary of agriculture during Franklin Roosevelt’s presidency. The lovely courtyard is named for Wallace Fisher, an electrical engineering graduate who received an honorary doctorate from MSU in 1975.

 Wilson Hall

Handicapped access at southwest door

Upcoming events in Wilson Hall

Megan Moore, MSc candidate in the Department of Earth Sciences, will defend her thesis "Understanding Rancher's Beliefs and Behaviors Regarding Drought and Natural Water Storage in Southwest Montana," on Monday, November 19th, at 11:00am in Wilson 1128. Defenses are free...   View Details

A classical result by Sinai and Bowen asserts existence of a Markov partition for any Anosov diffeomorphism on a compact manifold. In this talk, we will discuss a method to explicitly and efficiently construct a Markov partition and the associated...   View Details

Coffee and doughnuts with the Dean
Wednesday, November 28, 2018, from 9:00am to 10:00am

Nicol Rae, Dean of the College of Letters and Science, welcomes all faculty, staff and students to come by for an open hour of conversation, coffee and doughnuts. Questions? 994-4288 or lands@montana.edu   View Details

Two students who are currently enrolled in M 534: Research in Mathematics Education will present their individual projects.   View Details

Rocky Mountain Data Science Workshop #7 - Flex Day
Wednesday, November 28, 2018, from 4:00pm to 6:00pm

This workshop is reserved to be used as a review day for any concepts learned during the semester or to discuss requested content. At the very least, we will socialize near the end of the semester!   View Details