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The CBME Mission

The Center for Bilingual and Multicultural Education supports the MSU community, tribal nations and other Montanans, as well as influences others in the Rocky Mountain region, across the U.S. and around the globe by generating multiple funding streams focusing on the following program areas: revitalization and maintenance of Indigenous languages, facilitation of culturally responsive pedagogy in K-12 schools including the integration of Indian Education for All across the curriculum in all content areas and at all levels, academic support for American Indian English Language Learners, and professional development for Class 7 Indigenous language and culture teachers as well as a variety of projects designed to promote social justice by increasing cultural sensitivity.




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Kayce Williams

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Find the CBME

The CBME is located on the fourth floor of Reid Hall on the west side of the building in room 418. The CBME is a great place for students to come study and is open to everyone. To find Reid Hall click here to open in Google Maps. Still lost or have a question? Please call us! (406) 994-6847

Here are the benefits of choosing to study at the CBME:

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  • Tech Mondays and Get Together Thrusdays Programing
  • Assistance in Lesson Planning
  • Indian Education For All resources
  • Library of ELL, IEFA, and ABC books
  • Access to campus computers
  • Printing Stations
  • Kitchen area, great for bringing a lunch
  • Large work areas
  • Amazing campus view
  • Study Rewards
  • Meeting space for group projects
  • Great alternative to the library
  • Scheduled lunches and snacks