CAVE- film by Evangeline Koonce

Holter Museum of Art- film by Evangeline Koonce


Within a darkened gallery space, the VP may enter one of five sculptural forms (neuro-caves) created from light-emitting fiber optic cables & brainwave monitors. The VP’s brainwave activity is represented through data visualization (colored light) and data sonification (generation of a tone). Simultaneously, the VP sees and hears the neuro-feedback of oneself and others in the space reflecting the group’s brainwave activity. This group measurement reflects covariance, a trending area of research in neuroscience. A large-scale video that echoes our artistic origins in the cave is projected on the walls surrounding the VPs. Like the earliest cinematic environments created by the flicker of torchlight, the artist’s markmaking conveys the tactile and temporal aspects of the creative process. The experience of mutually-generated (VP and artscientist) sound and image interactions within a darkened, multi-sensory space elicits VP discovery, creativity and communal experience. The gallery is both a creative artscience lab which acts as a scientific instrument and an aesthetic experience that evokes the origins of art. This interactive light and tone within a filmic and sonic environment transmits ancient aspects of the human body-mind to current technology. The VPs, both individually and collectively, may track and alter their own visual and experiential reality based on neuro-feedback. A resonant chord and simultaneous color with heightened luminosity will be reflected by the individual neuro-cave forms when covariance is reached among the collective VPs within the whole space.