Why Should I Join Chi Epsilon??

Be Recognized

There are many good and proper reasons for membership in any Chi Epsilon. Membership is a reward for accomplishment. Your hard work in scholastic achievement is recognized and appreciated. Chi Epsilon is the National Civil Engineering Honor Society. Membership in Chi Epsilon is a mark of excellence readily recognized by other professionals, including future employers.

Get Involved

You will have the chance to do something for your department, college, and university. Chi Epsilon chapters are encouraged to adopt service projects. Our chapter's chief project is to organize the FE Review sessions. We encourage new ideas from our members, making Chi Epsilon the vehicle to start a new legacy at Montana State.

Life Long Benefits

Membership in Chi Epsilon is for life. The Chi Epsilon publications promote excellence in civil engineering and professional development. These publications also summarize graduate study opportunities and help keep you informed about the activities of your friends and fellow members.

Accepting membership is a great way to acknowledge your past accomplishments and to establish a pathway to future success.