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A variety of national, state, and campus climate-related educational resources are offered here, for both youth and adults.

National Programs

National Extension Climate Initiative
4-H Weather and Climate Youth Learning Lab

State Programs

Climate Smart Montana
Montana University System Initiative on Climate (MUSIC)

Campus Programs

MSU Climate Solutions Group
MSU Climate Solutions Lab
Climate Action Today for Students Lab (CATS Lab)
MSU Climate Lectures
MSU Campus Climate Coalition
MSU Climate Week


National Extension Climate Initiative


The National Extension Climate Initiative serves to link climate change-related education and research across Extension program areas and associations. This effort is open to all; join the 150+ professionals throughout the United States and Territories, each with a unique set of skills, abilities, and knowledge. 

Youth Climate Curriculum


The 4-H Weather and Climate Youth Learning Lab is a hands-on learning experience for elementary school students (approximately grades 3-5). The goal of this project is to study the world of weather and climate, and specifically how they are influenced by natural processes and human activities. While the materials in this lab are written for the four states of Colorado, Montana, South Dakota and Wyoming, it can be applied in any state or region. After completing the hands-on experiments and activities, participants will have a better understanding of natural forces and human impacts.




Climate Smart Montana


Climate Smart Montana is a non-partisan, non-profit network with the goal of sharing information and resources to better coordinate community-based climate solutions and resiliency efforts in Montana.



The Montana University System Initiative on Climate (MUSIC) is an open and inclusive network to share relevant information and resources about climate education, research, and policy issues across the Montana University System.




Campus Climate Coalition


The MSU Climate Solutions Group is a faculty-led initiative to engage our fellow faculty, students, staff and citizens in discussions and actions related to our role in addressing the climate crisis.




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The MSU Climate Solutions Lab is a faculty-led initiative advocating innovative research, pedagogy, and scholarship by faculty and with active collaboration of students and citizens.