The National Public Issues Education Consortium is a faculty-led group dedicated to presenting, sharing, and discussing public issues relevant to community engaged scholarship across disciplines, Extension, and other university outreach activities across the United States.

Fall 2019Webinar Recordings - Fall 2019

October 2, 2019

A County-Based Leadership Program that Fosters Community Knowledge and Business Skills

Brooke Beam


September 26, 2019

Listen. Learn. Lead.

Chantel M. Schieffer


September 25, 2019

Building Community Leadership Through a Local Government Leadership Academy

Joseph E. Lucento


September 19, 2019

Women in Ranching

Amber Smith


September 18, 2019

Community Leadership Strategies in Preparation for Renewable Energy Development

Nancy Bowen-Ellzey, Myra Moss


September 11, 2019

Leading by Letting Go: Developing Community Leaders Utilizing a Participant Driven Planning Model

Julie Daniels


Winter 2018Webinar Recordings - Winter 2018

December 5, 2018

How Can Where We've Come From Inform Where We Are Going?

David Kay


November 14, 2018

Public Issues Education in Retrospect: Pennsylvania and Local Tax Reform

Timothy Kelsey


November 7, 2018

Building the Capacity of Extension for Public Policy and Public Issues Education: Current Efforts and Future Direction

Eric Walcott










Fall 2018Webinar Recordings - Fall 2018

October 3, 2018

Exploring Partnerships to Address Economically-Vulernable Populations: A New Anchor Partnership Program Between Extension and Everyday Democracy 

Paul Lachapelle and Val Ramos


September 26, 2018

$21 Trillion in Unsupported Adjustments in the Departments of Defense and Housing and Urban Development: Implications for Extension and Citizens

Mark Skidmore


September 19, 2018

Lessons From a Three-State Community Review Program to Help Communities Achieve Diverse Goals

Lorie Higgins and Michelle Archie


September 12, 2018

Extension Professionals Building Relationships in Impoverished Populations

Debra J. Bolton