bloom photo by sergey shmidt courtesy of unsplash

NSF has funded a RAPID research project to provide a trauma-informed basis for leaders and administrators of Graduate Schools and Colleges

  • how to immediately help the broadest range of graduate students during a crisis (such as COVID-19)
  • what strategies might be most effective for supporting graduate students as they decide whether to continue their degrees

Please see our Frequently Asked Questions here

 The survey includes four sets of questions:
  1. reports of graduate students' experiences during the pandemic
  2. their perspectives of institutional support at various levels
  3. their educational and career plans, and
  4. demographics.

Students will also be invited to participate in paid virtual focus groups. Participating universities will also be asked to provide our qualitative research team with some of their communication pieces with students.

If you would like to be considered for participation, please provide us with your name, university, and email address. You will have a chance to preview the survey before you send it to your students. Please click here to participate.

  • Thank you from Drs. Rachel Smith & Rosemary Perez, Iowa State University; Sarah Rodriguez, Texas A&M University-Commerce; Kelly Knight, Colter Ellis, & Craig Ogilvie, Montana State University.