Official MSU Business Suite materials (business cards, letterhead and envelopes) can be ordered at University Printing.

For MSU logos, please reach out to one of the Creative Services team members Ron Lambert.


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Who We Are

As an in-house agency, Creative Services specializes in higher education at Montana State University, with clients in outreach, research and teaching. Our staff consists of a unique blend of talented people who understand the needs of the university and its various entities, and are known to take projects from conception to completion on-time, on-message/brand and on-budget.

Creative Services is a division of University Communications, which includes University Marketing, MSU News Service, MSU Web and Digital Communications and University Printing — all of whom are close partners with us.



Services and some of the projects we offer

If you don't see what you're looking for, fill out our Creative Services project form or call 406-994-5128.

  • Editing
  • Proofreading
  • Strategic design
  • Graphic design
  • Concept development
  • Print preparation
  • Production coordination
  • Illustration
  • Web graphics
  • Copywriting
  • Animation
  • Brochures
  • Annual reports
  • Packaging
  • Catalogs
  • Business cards, letterhead and envelopes
  • Newsletters
  • Banners
  • Trade show displays
  • Scientific journals
  • Research posters
  • Bookmarks, stickers and other promotional items
  • Educational materials

For video or photography related needs, the University Communications Visual Media team can be of assistance.



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Design $85/hour

Projects requiring work to be done under 48 hours are subject to a rush fee.

Print/Production Management — Included at no charge.

We draw on the MSU library of photography as we are able. For custom photography, contact the Visual Media team.

MSU Business Suite — Non-standard and custom business suite materials can be ordered online as well and are subject to approval and charged at the $85/hour rate.

Electronic Letterhead $15 update/$25 new— The electronic letterheads (e-letterhead) were created with electronic and internal correspondence in mind. All printed external correspondence should be on official pre-printed letterhead, as the ink colors and paper convey quality and professionalism that the electronic version cannot. As with the other MSU business suite materials, electronic letterheads can be ordered online.



Frequently Asked Questions




We will search for the vendor that will best meet your need for the right price whether it's through a licensed vendor or from our in-house printer. For any questions related to printing and pricing, please contact the print production specialist Tara Gunsch at [email protected].

Depending on complexity of the project, this can be quite variable. It is our strong recommendation that you meet with our staff as soon as you develop the project in order to develop a detailed, realistic schedule in advance. Waiting until late in the process greatly increases the possibility that the project cannot be produced as intended, on time, at an economical rate — or all three.

As a general rule of thumb, allow a minimum of 5–10 working days for art, editing and electronic production, and 5–10 working days for printing and delivery. It is always better to err on the side of providing more time than necessary in order to accommodate the unexpected. Some large projects may take longer.

When the project is complete an invoice will be sent using an internal department index number. When first reaching out for design services, please provide your department's index number for future billing. 

Generally, yes. For any questions relating to using the MSU logo and brand please reach out to University Communications Chief Marketing Officer Julie Kipfer by submitting an exemption request application. Read the Logo Exemption Q&A before applying for exemption, and then fill out the logo exemption form. 

There several different formulas for these colors depending in the application and color model being used. These include:

RGB: The RGB values for the nearest color to MSU blue is: R=22, G=41 and B=96. For MSU gold the nearest value is R=244, G=180 and B=37. 

CMYK Process: The process color value for MSU Blue is: C=100%, M=85%, Y=5% and K=36%. For MSU gold the formula is C=0%, M=27%, Y=100% and K=0%.

Spot Color: The official Pantone color for MSU blue is PMS 281. For MSU gold, use PMS 124.

Web Colors: The nearest hexadecimal color for MSU blue is "#162960" and for MSU gold is "#f4b425."

We do our best to proofread and edit to ensure accurate and up to date content, but ultimate proofreading is the client's responsibility. A proofing guide is available when in the reviewing process.

There are several writing style guides in general use, but due to our considerable involvement with the news media, University Creative Services relies most heavily on the Associated Press (AP) Style Guide. We are also familiar with several MSU-specific styles. We have a reference guide to some of these on the University Communication's Style Guide.

Generally, for text Microsoft Word is highly recommended. For graphics TIFF, EPS, PNG, PDFs and JPEG each have advantages and are all commonly used.

Onedrive or email. These are our primary resources for file exchange.



We are communication specialists

We have strong relationships with vendors, including commercial printers around Montana and the U.S., and can often get prices for our clients that are much more competitive than an individual would receive with person-to-person service.

Please use the Creative Services Project form for a free consultation or project estimate. We can often help you find a cost-effective solution to your communications needs.

Our in-house advantage:

  • Timeline conscious
  • Access to University Communication's photo library, news stories and other university resources
  • Ability to work within your budget
  • Capable of meeting billing requirements that are typical of university departments

We are intimately familiar with MSU's branding goals, objectives and tools, and we can help you coordinate your strategy and materials with other events and campaigns currently in place on campus.

You will find our rates are lower or competitive with most outside agencies, and we do not charge for many of the standard services billed by agencies, including consultations and strategic planning and light editing. Plus, we can bill you directly through the Banner system.