Along with the materials provided by Creative Services, there are plenty of resources available for you to use in the writing, editing and proofreading process along with information regarding marketing or photography. 


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MSU Brand Guide

The MSU brand is what differentiates the university, and it's what sets it apart. So it is important that students, faculty and staff be mindful of how the brand is presented.
View the MSU Brand Toolkit
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Logo Use Guide

This guide is intended as a reference for student clubs navigating the use of the Montana State University name and logos.
View the MSU Logo Use Guide
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Proofing Guide

When working on projects, proofreading is essential to ensuring accurate and up to date information. This guideline will help assist in checking off common spelling, grammar and MSU related items.
View the MSU Proofing Guide
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Style Guide

The MSU style guide is a useful way to understand how departments, initials, titles and more are written in order to remain consistent with MSU's messaging.
View the MSU Style Guide
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University Communications marketing can assist in marketing strategies and how to use the MSU logos and promotions correctly.
Visit University Communications Marketing
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The MSU visual media team is a great resource for professional photography and video production for departments across campus.
Visit University Communications Visual Media
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The MSU web and digital communications page can assist in providing successful digital communications on the site.
Visit the web and digital communications page to learn more.
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Social Media

To ensure your posts for social media maintain MSU's brand identity please visit the MSU social media best practices guideline..

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University Printing is an on-campus resource for students, faculty and staff to use for offset copying and printing services.
Visit the University Printing site to view more.




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