Using the MSU brand presents a unified image to our audiences. A coordinated approach ensures the MSU brand recognition in the market. Our communications are more effective and successful when we speak with a unified voice to elevate the university brand in the eyes of our audiences. Please use the MSU brand in all your communications to strengthen and amplify your message.

MSU Logo Use Guide

MSU core logo-vertical and horizontal

Core Logo

This version is used as the primary MSU logo and for the use of all MSU colleges, departments, research centers and work units. It is easily recognized at a variety of sizes for both print and digital communications.





MSU core logo with Mountains & Minds tagline

Mountains & Minds Signature Logo

This version is used for outside audiences where the tag line adds additional information. It is also used when the communications would benefit from a more formal approach.





MSU initials only logo


Initials Logo

This version is used in a few instances in which the final size is too small or too large, such as in small digital applications and large outdoor flag applications.




Brand Extensions

MSU Extension and Jake Jabs College of Business and Entrepreneurship logos

Brand extensions of the core mark are available for:

• all MSU academic colleges

• MSU Extension

• MSU Library

• Montana Agricultural Experiment Station

They are available in vertical and horizontal orientations and may receive all recommended core logo color treatments for best legibility.

MSU Arts and Architecture logo


Unit Identifiers

MSU Allen Yarnell Center for Student Success logo

In nearly all cases, MSU offices, departments, schools, programs, institutes, services and centers should use the core logo or appropriate brand extension (above), without any further embellishment.

A unit identifier (UI) can be used in those rare cases when a unit/department/etc. has limited space. Use a UI that has been professional typeset by University Communications. Call or email to request yours.

MSU Arts and Architecture logo


Logo Use Guide  - Color, size and spacing

Color, Size & Spacing

Three boxes with labels from top to bottom saying "MSU Blue", "MSU Gold", "MSU Gold light"


MSU’s primary colors are MSU Blue and Gold, we recommend using them as the dominant colors for most publication and promotional materials. Ideally, the logo should be MSU Blue (PMS* 281) and Gold (PMS* 124). When necessary, for the sake of legibility, it can also be reproduced in one-color as MSU Blue or black. Or reversed out to white and gold or solid white from dark backgrounds.

*Pantone Matching System


MSU logo color examples

Print colors:

MSU Blue:

Hex: #0d2c6c

CMYK: 100, 85, 5, 36

MSU Gold:

Hex: #febe10

CMYK: 0, 27, 100, 0

MSU Gold light

Hex: #ffd990

CMYK: 0, 15, 50, 0

Web colors:

MSU Blue:

Hex: #162960

RGB: 22, 41, 96

MSU Gold:

Hex: #f4b425

RGB: 244, 180, 37

MSU Gold light

Hex: #fada92

RGB: 250, 218, 146


MSU logo spacing example


Clear space Leave adequate room around the logo. The “M” in “Montana” in the logo, is a good general guideline as seen to the left. 

Minimum sizes To maintain full legibility and integrity, never reproduce the logo at sizes smaller than 0.875 inches or 63 pixels in width for the vertical logo and 1.25 inches or 90 pixels in width for the horizontal logo.

MSU logo sizes. 0.875 inches or 63 pixels or vertical logos and 1.25 inches or 90 pixels


Respect It

MSU logomark (the M and flame symbol) being outlined to the side and the logotype (Montana State University below)



Use the entire logo The MSU logo includes the logomark combined with the logotype. Through consistent use, we can create a distinctive visual identity that is easily recognized and that can be protected from impostors or unauthorized uses.




DO NOT change logo The logo should not be altered in any way.

Example of separating the logo

Do not separate or remove parts of the logo.


Basic logo separate

Do not distort the logo.


Example of the MSU logo having its elements resized

Do not change the size of any portion of the logo without changing the size of the rest of the logo in proportion. 

MSU logo altered with "University Communications" at the bottom with a drop shadow

Do not add additional type or effects to the logo.

"University Communications" over the MSU "M flame" logo in an arch with "creative services" in gold underneath

Do not create other logos using any portion of the logo. Do not create other logos for your office, program, etc. for that matter.


Put Image Description Here

Do not change the color of any portion of the logo other than what has been specified on the previous page.




Use the logo this way

DO NOT use the logo this way

MSU core logo

Example of the MSU being used as a frame-which is not allowed

MSU reverse color logo on a blue background

Black MSU logo on blue background

MSU reverse color logo

MSU core logo with a white outline


Do not use the black or blue logo on a dark background, even with outlines.

Photo of MSU Ag students with the MSU reverse color logo in the right hand corner

MSU logo on photo with not enough contrast


Do not use the logo on backgrounds that are too busy or do not provide adequate contrast.

Good example of how to use the MSU logo on a background

Bad Example of how to use the MSU logo on a background

Do use the logo as png with a transparent background if you intend on placing it over another graphic.

Do not use the logo as a jpg unless the background matches the background of the image exactly.