The MSU trademarks and licensing team works to protect and promote the names, logos, and graphics that represent Montana State University. 


These marks are protected through state and federal trademarks and ensure that outside entities do not use the marks without a license or permission.

MSU is recognized as a premier university and works to ensure that the MSU name is affiliated with top quality products. The MSU brand is one of our most valuable assets, so we ensure brand consistency by reviewing, designs, colors and applications.




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All logos, seals, names, symbols and slogans associated with Montana State University are the exclusive property of the University. Any reproduction or use of these marks for resale or commercial purposes, must comply with the Trademarks and Licensing Policy. This policy applies to university faculty, staff, and students that wish to use the University's name in conjunction with their activities, as well as private individuals and businesses planning to create and sell merchandise and memorabilia.

For information on how to use the university marks and logos, please refer to the Graphic Identity and Branding Policy