All logos, seals, names, symbols and slogans associated with Montana State University are the exclusive property of the University. Any reproduction or use of these marks for resale or commercial purposes, must receive approval from the university licensing director.

This policy applies to Registered Student Organizations (RSO) that wish to use the University's name in conjunction with their activities as well as private individuals and businesses planning to sell merchandise and memorabilia.

The University has registered its marks in the state of Montana. This insures protection of the marks, while allowing the collection of royalties through the licensing program that fund student programs and scholarships.


Please refer to the Use of University Name and Logos policy found here. 

Selecting a name:

Registered student organizations must include the word club in their name.

  • Use of the word “Cats” is allowed, for example:  Swing Cats Club
  • Club Sports may request the ability to use the word Bobcats or MSU in their club name. This process is outlined here.
  • Chapters of National Societies and Honoraries: RSO’s may incorporate the use of the university name into the RSO name: Montana State University chapter of (insert national organization name).

Creating a graphic identity or logo for your RSO:

RSO’s can create their own unique logos and identity that reflects their club. However, when creating that mark, do not use, incorporate or alter any elements of the MSU logo or the Bobcat athletic logos. 

Logo guidelines:

  • The RSO’s full name must appear in the logo. 
  • Cartoon and stylized version of Cats and/or a Bobcat are not permitted. 
  • Logo designs must reflect positively on the university and your student organization.
  • All RSO logo designs should be reviewed by the Office of Student Engagement.

Marketing your student organization’s event:

Visit the Office of Student Engagement RSO Manual and Policies

Creation of merchandise:  Registered students may create merchandise and memorabilia for the club. There are two types of merchandise that may be created.

  • Internal use merchandise is defined as any Item created bearing the club name, used solely by the members of the group. Links below include lists of Montana vendors and internal campus suppliers that can produce these items. 
  • External use:  Any item created, sold or given away to members outside the group is subject to the trademarks and licensing policy. Below are the requirement for items for external use:

            All designs must be reviewed and approved by University Trademarks and Licensing Director.  

            All items must be produced by a local or nationally licensed vendor.


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