Fall 2020 (for Spring 2021 classes)


Advising process during COVID-19 pandemic

Dear Advisees:

It is time for mandatory pre-registration advising to be ready to register for Spring 2021 classes.  Registration starts Monday, October 26, 2020.

If you are graduating in May 2021 and already have your credentials in place, congratulations, and no need for further advising! (email me, and I'll give you your Advisor PIN to register)

If you are not graduating this year, please read CAREFULLY the following information about how I will handle advising VIA EMAIL this fall, given the pandemic situation.

(1) Please review your status in required classes for your major, as well as progress toward any second majors or minors you are pursuing.

(2) Decide what courses you will take next semester.  Please create/update an active DegreeWorks “plan” that shows your selected classes for SP21.  If you have any questions or need suggestions on course selection or other options, I am delighted to help you with that.  Send any questions via email and I will try to respond quickly. If you would prefer to have a Webex or regular telephone conversation, let me know.

(3) Once you have your plan in place and are ready for me to do a quick review, please send an email and I will reply with any questions/suggestions I might have.

(4) Once I approve, I will send a message to the ECE Department office and they will send you a DocuSign email (online survey) to complete. This is the advising evaluation form you used to fill out and give to the ECE office.  Once you have completed and submitted the DocuSign info online, you will be sent your Advisor PIN and be all set to do regular online registration once you are eligible.

Special note:  MSU is offering an experimental “Snowmester” online term that will run from November 30-January 8.  This is a highly-accelerated term that could be helpful IF you expect to have lots of free time during the winter break.  There are no EELE courses offered in the short Snowmester, but I see that there are several classes offered that might be of interest, including online versions of ACTG 201; COMX 111US; CSCI 127, 132, 204, 232, 246; and EGEN 350.  A fee of $250 per credit hour will be assessed on the spring semester tuition bill. Please see the special instructions regarding the Snowmester opportunity.

Other links:

ECE general advising information


Unless you are graduating this semester, I need to hear back from each and every one of you before Friday, November 13, 2020.  Take a few minutes to create your semester plan in DegreeWorks now, and then send me that email!