Spring 2024 (for Fall 2024 classes)


Dear Advisees of Professor Dickensheets,

Advising with me starts Thursday 3/21/2024.

You can start registering for classes soon, according to the priority dates based on the number of credits you have earned:


You need to meet with me before you can get your PIN and register.

Step 1: If you haven't yet done so, please create a plan(s) in DegreeWorks for Fall (and/or Summer) 2023. Then email me to tell me your plan is ready for review. If you have questions about which course to choose, or about other things, put those in the email too. I’ll answer either by email or during our in-person meeting, depending on whether your question is appropriate for a quick email response.

Step 2: Sign up online, using MSU’s Appointment Scheduler. This application will let you see available times and sign up for one that suits your schedule. Please go to the following url to complete the process:


You should receive a confirmation email, along with a link that you can click to cancel the appointment if you need to do so.

Reminder: regular advising requires about 15 minutes; if you are needing more detailed advising, please reserve two 15 minute slots.

To prepare for advising, please visit the departmental informational website for advising found here:


To recap: Everyone should have a “strawman” plan for next semester in DegreeWorks BEFORE coming to in-person advising. We can tweak that as necessary during your advising meeting, but hopefully that way we’ll still have time to talk about other things like summer internships, job searches, etc.

I look forward to meeting with each of you in the next few days!


Other links:

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