Instructions on completing a Safety Questionnaire

Thank you for taking the time to go through the Safety Questionnaire process. To fill this form out correctly, and to ensure the committee has enough information to complete the process efficiently, keep in mind the following:

Application Deadlines

Prior to starting your appication, please read application deadlines, committee review dates and decision deliveries very carefully. Click here to access this semesters monthly deadlines. 

Fill out the application once, and request a copy for yourself

To ensure that the committee receives as much information as possible, please review your application thoroughly before submitting, and only submit an application once. Work with the Dean of Students' Office (Phone: 406-994-2826) if you need to retract, amend, or resend your application, or want to confirm that you've successfully submitted. It will also help to request a copy for yourself, which is the very last option to select before submitting the application. Keep this copy for your records. 

ID Number

If you are a returning student, use your Student ID. If you do not remember your Student ID, contact the Dean of Students' office or the Registrar's office. Do not use a dash in front of your ID number within the Safety Questionnaire - just use the 8 digits. 

If you are a student applying to MSU for the first time, use your 8 digit ID. Contact your Admissions Evaluator if you are unsure of your Student ID. Do not use a dash in front of your ID number within the Safety Questionnaire - just use the 8 digits. If you are a graduate student, and do not yet have an ID, please leave that box blank.

Academic vs. Non-Academic Discipline

If you have been academically suspended due to your GPA, you do not need to fill out the Safety Questionnaire. Non-academic disciplinary action refers to misconduct outlined here, or in the Code of Student Conduct used at other educational institutions. Non-academic misconduct at other institutions should be reported.  

Question format

Many questions have several components to them. If you have committed multiple infractions, number each one, and include all of the required information. Your application will not be reviewed until you provide all of the requested information (including accurate dates). 



If you have been convicted of a crime, number each crime and complete A-C for each crime committed.

(A) Crime/disciplinary action
(B) Date of crime occurrence
(C) Date of conviction


A. Minor in possession of alcohol
B. March 1, 2013
C. April 15, 2013

A. Assault
B. February 2, 2016
C. February 28, 2016

A. ...

Not applicable question

To ensure the committee receives all of the information they need, answering each question is required. If a question does not apply to you, type n/a. This will allow you to fill in your Safety Questionnaire.

Supporting documentation

You are required to submit documentation related to your charge - court documents or sanction letters are acceptable documentation. Your application will not be reviewed without documentation. 

For any other questions

Or if you feel you've been directed to the Safety Questionnaire in error, contact the Dean of Students' Office at 406-994-2826. 

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