These are just a few of the potential focus areas for the Gender Equity Alliance. As the group develops, the Alliance members will develop a strategic plan and goals for each year.

Gender equity in metrics and assessment

  • Examine how we collect information about sex and gender at the institutional level

  • Consider opportunities for DEI in annual reviews/performance evaluations and promotions for all types of employees

  • Other?

Policies, practices and procedures

  • Flexible schedules that can support family and work-life balance

  • Recruitment and retention of faculty, staff and graduate and undergraduate students

  • Sharing pronouns

  • Chosen name project is a success story

  • Other?

Professional Development

  • Expand Safe Zone Training

  • Develop active learning education around microaggressions and/or bystander training

  • Reporting system for issues

  • Sustained dialogue

  • Other?


Promoting visibility and transparency

  • share what the gaps are

  • communicate about what this group has done or is going to do

  • connect the work to accountability

  • Other?

Recognizing and celebrating contributions

  • Continue the President’s Award for Gender Equity for faculty and staff and graduate and undergraduate students

  • Newsletter

  • Other?

Opportunities for the community to share

  • Meet on a regular basis and create a space where everyone belongs and feels comfortable to share

  • Create an online tool for gathering ideas and concerns

  • Other?