We understand that excellence in education is best achieved through fostering environments that are diverse and inclusive. Every student, faculty, and staff member brings complex and layered dimensions of identity which contribute to the diversity of our vibrant community. We share a commitment to expanding access to education, building supportive and diverse campus environments, and equipping students with the knowledge and experiences necessary to be successful in a multicultural and pluralistic society. Through the work of Academic Diversity Partners (ADPs) in each college, the Diversity Council, department- and unit-wide diversity committees, and dedicated campus partners, we are expanding communities of practice towards accomplishing our diversity goals.

As you read this report, I hope you will feel inspired by the actions of your peers and colleagues and that you consider ways you would like to become involved in furthering our diversity efforts.


Ariel Donohue 
Senior Diversity and Inclusion Officer

Theme One: Campus Climate & Intergroup Relations

Theme Two: Education & Scholarship 

Theme Three: Access & Success

Theme Four: Leadership & Accountability

Theme Five: Communication

Facts and Figures


We extend thanks to the many units and individuals who contributed content to this year’s Diversity Report, including Academic Diversity Partners, the Diversity and Inclusion Student Commons, the Graduate School, the Office of International Programs, and numerous others. Thank you to the Office of Planning and Analysis for providing the data and visualizations and to University Communications for designing and producing this report.


Download a PDF version of the full 2021-2022 Diversity Report here.