Appreciation, Transparency, Visibility


1. Apsáalooke Women and Warriors 

The Museum of the Rockies is hosting an exhibit, Apsáalooke Women and Warriors, from May through December of 2022. Visitors will learn about the Apsáalooke people, cultural worldviews, and the powerful roles that both women and warriors hold in the community through a unique mix of traditional objects and contemporary Native American pieces from the perspective of guest curator Nina Sanders. Sanders is a curator of historic and contemporary Native American art at the University of Chicago’s Field Museum. 

2. The Empower Center

The Empower Center, supported by the Norm Asbjornson College of Engineering, provides a physical study space, as well as access to resources, information, and community, and aims to support students academically, socially, and culturally. The center focuses on academic success of students by fostering a supportive learning environment. Over 150 STEM students participated in Empower Center programming in the spring of 2022.


New Awards

Several colleges established new awards
recognizing contributions around diversity and inclusion



Seven Empower students received external scholarships with the help of workshops and mentoring.


Translating Materials

Gallatin College MSU has worked with MSU faculty, Montana Language Services, and the Bozeman school
district to translate program flyers and key webpages into Spanish.