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1. Gender Equity Alliance

The Gender Equity Alliance, formerly known as the President’s Commission on the Status of University Women, cultivates gender equity at Montana State University by addressing barriers, developing relationships with partners, and creating shared accountability for sustainable change. The Gender Equity Alliance hosted a retreat in June 2022 for interested members to learn about the purpose and structure of this group, to network, and to outline priorities for the coming year. 

2. Jabs Year of Women in Business

The Jake Jabs College of Business and Entrepreneurship has launched a campaign to celebrate different groups through their Year of Celebration. This past year, the focus was on women in business. This effort aimed to celebrate the amazing contributions of women in business, inform audiences of existing inequities, and create space to implement change. The Year of Celebration included speakers, programs, and events focused on negotiating job offers, highlighting local female entrepreneurs, and closing the wage gap.

3. EHHD DEI Certificate

The College of Education, Health, and Human Development launched their diversity, equity, and inclusion certificate, providing incentives and educational opportunities for participating faculty, staff, and graduate students. After interviewing over 80 of their faculty and staff as part of an assessment in 2020-2021, they learned that some of the biggest barriers to doing DEI work included: fear of saying the “wrong thing,” perceived lack of knowledge, and lack of clear and tangible strategies to implement. In response, the college’s DEI committee created an EHHD-specific certificate that gives members of their college a chance to engage further in the work in a way that feels relatable for them. The curriculum builds off existing university trainings and offers many elective credits so participants can learn more in specific areas of interest.

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Gender Equity

Gender Equity, Then and Now, hosted in October 2021, celebrated the advances in gender equity made over ten years of the President’s Commission on the Status of University Women and explored opportunities for growth in the years ahead.

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Best Practice

Gallatin College MSU implemented an expectation that all full-time faculty set at least one diversity, equity, and inclusion related annual goal. This is part of promotion, tenure, and annual review materials.

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Academic Diversity Partners

Get to know your Academic Diversity Partners! Every academic college has identified an Academic Diversity Partner, or ADP, to coordinate diversity and inclusion initiatives, communicate about initiatives, and share inclusive practices within their colleges. Learn about the ADPs by visiting the Office of Diversity and Inclusion website.