All courses that exist in Banner each semester are automatically provisioned or created in Brightspace. Users who are registered for a course and log in to Brightspace will find their course offering if the course has been activated by the instructor.

Learners do not see a course in their view of Brightspace until an instructor activates it.

Use Brightspace to gain access to online resources provided by instructors.

Find a course offering in Brightspace Learning Environment

  1. Go to Brightspace Log in page
  2. Log in with your NetID and NetID password.

Courses for which users have registered for will be listed under the current semester. Learners will see courses if/when the instructor has made the course(s) active.

Use Brightspace Pulse app to help manage workload

Find out about the Brightspace Pulse app to stay connected to your course on your mobile device.

Access Learner Frequently Asked Questions

The Learner Frequently Asked Questions page has answers to some commonly asked questions concerning Brightspace at Montana State University - Bozeman.

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