Instructors of a course can change the enrollment status of any user in the course via the Classlist of the course.*

If learners ask instructors for access to a past course

The Brightspace Student role does not allow access to courses in past terms. If instructors wish to grant access to a past course to a learner, they must change the enrollment for a learner to facilitate access to the course. The reviewer role is a role that allows this type of access.

Use Reviewer Role to give access to courses in past semesters

Roles available in the Brightspace system

To change enrollments for a user via the Classlist

After accessing course, select "Classlist" link from the "Course Resources" drop menu.

D2L 20.19.06 screenshot - classlist access from the "Course Resources" dropdown menu


Select the checkbox associated with the user whose role will be changed.

D2L 20.19.06 screenshot - select checkbox corresponding to user


Select the "Enrollment" icon located at the top of the Classlist table.

D2L 20.19.06 screenshot - select change enrollments icon above


Select the new role for the user from the drop down menu. Select the "Save" button after changing the role for the change to hold.

D2L 20.19.06 screenshot - select the new role for the user


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Use Reviewer Role to give access to courses in past semesters

After changing the account to "Reviewer" role, the role will be changed back to "Student" role the next time Banner updates Brightspace. This update occurs each day at ~1:00 AM MT Time.

  • If an instructor agrees to grant a learner access to a course from a past semester, the instructor can go into the courseclasslist and change enrollment from "Student" role to "Reviewer" role.
    • "Reviewer" role allows access to a course regardless of term or course end date.
  • For learners who originally registered for the course through Banner, the change in enrollment from "Student" role to "Reviewer" role will hold only until the nightly update from Banner changes the "Reviewer" role back to "Student" role.
  • Instructor advice to a learner accessing via the Reviewer role might be: “I’ll make the enrollment change and you'll need to access the course prior to midnight.”
  • If the learner needs more time the instructor can change enrollment back to Reviewer role as necessary.
  • Reviewer role has no power to change anything in a course and can be added into courses that are in past (and other) terms.
  • Reviewer role individuals are unable to see the grades area.
  • Reviewer role participants appear in the course classlist area with their role listed as Reviewer.

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Roles available in the Brightspace system

Roles available in the MSU-Bozeman Brightspace course system are described here - About roles in Brightspace

General information about changing roles in the Brightspace system - how it is done and what occurs:

  • Banner (Ellucian) is the Student Information System (SIS) that is used to manage course records and student/instructor records at Montana State University.
  • Banner supplies data to Brightspace detailing changes that have occurred in Banner specific to credit courses.
    • Banner processes course data (includes any new courses added into the system) and user/membership data (new users, updates to user records, deletes of user records, membership data including type of role and course that the student/instructor belongs in) and furnishes the data in .XML format to the D2L Holding Tank. This batch process job runs every night after a term has been enabled.
  • When changing a role in Brightspace instructors should realize that the role will be overwritten by anything that exists in Banner.
    • This is why, for instance, if a Student role is changed to a Course Assistant role without any corresponding change made in Banner, the role will revert back to the Student role in Brightspace unless special steps are taken to ensure that the changed enrollment holds.
  • Instructors should contact MSU-Bozeman Brightspace support with further questions or if needing help getting a role to "stick" properly.

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*Changes made will be overwritten by Banner information if the user has been previously entered into the course via any type of Banner process.

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