How to use the "Pin" functionality in Brightspace

  • Pinning a course makes it appear on the My Home page in the My Courses widget.
  • Unpinning a course makes it disappear from the My Courses widget.
  • Pinning a course also makes it rise to the top in the "Select a course..." area

Select-a-course area

The select-a-course icon/area is justified over towards the message, subscription, and updates alerts area. 

D2L 20.19.6 screenshot - select a course area

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Pin or unpin a course

Go into the select-a-course area and pin or unpin courses. The action of pinning a course makes it appear on the My Home page in the My Courses widget.

D2L 20.19.6 screenshot - accessing the select-a-course area and selecting to pin a course


After the course is pinned it displays in the My Courses widget. Users can also select the pin displayed on the course image in the My Courses widget to remove the course from displaying in the widget. The learner version also has this functionality.

D2L 20.19.6 screenshot - displays a course successfully pinned

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Context Menu

From a course located in the My Courses widget, instructors can use the context menu to manage course offering information, change the image associated with a course, or pin/unpin a course. The learner version also allows the user to unpin a course.

D2L 20.19.6 screenshot - faculty can use context menu to adjust course parameters

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NOTE: What dialogue box windows look like and how dialogue box windows and browsers interact is dependent upon the operating system and browser being used. The screenshots in this tutorial may differ from the screen that the user is viewing when performing the actions described in this tutorial.

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