Some grade scheme calculations can present incorrect letter/colour grades

Grade rounding is ignored in some grade scheme calculations and can present incorrect letter/colour grades

Expected Behavior:

For grades that are rounded, we expect it to calculate based on the rounded value everywhere. In particular, that the appropriate grade scheme level is selected based on the rounded value.

Actual Behavior:

The grade scheme level is calculated based on the unrounded grade value. In a grade scheme where a start % = 80, a grade value of 79.995% would be rounded to 80% but would still display the grade scheme associated with 79%.

Workaround (from D2L Helpdesk):

Altering the grade scheme to better reflect the rounding that is occurring. This will retroactively change the grades that are reflected without the need for a script.

For example using a made up grade scheme:

  • If an instructor is showing zero decimal places to students, then it is known that a 79.555555555 will round up to 80 and an A- . A 79.555555554 will round down to 79 and stay a B+. Therefore, by setting a grades scheme to have an A- range be 79.555555555 to 85.555555554 then a scheme should get the needed result.

CD 202008