Overview: Users can use the minibar to help navigate the D2L system.

The minibar as a navigational aid:

The minibar stretches across the top of the display. Use the "Select a course..." area in the minibar to display links to courses.

D2L 20.19.05 screenshot - click on "Select a course..." in the mini-bar


Courses that you are involved with display in a drop list. Select the course that you wish to access by clicking on the course name.

D2L 20.19.05 screenshot - courses display in a drop menu - select a course to enter into by clicking on it's name


If it is a course that you will access regularly you can Pin the course link to the top of the list by selecting the "Pin" icon. This will also set it to display in the My Courses widget if it is not already displaying in that area.

D2L 20.19.05 screenshot - pinning the course to the top of the list and in the My Courses widget by clicking on the pin icon

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Get back to the Course Home page:

When in a course, from any area of the course, selecting the course name in the minibar will take you back to the course home page.

D2L 20.19.05 screenshot - select the course name in the mini-bar to get back to the course home page

In the image above, the user is in the course Assignments area. When selecting the course name, the user will be transported back to the course home page.

Get back to the My Home page:

Select the "My Home" link to get back to the My Home area regardless of where you are in any course.

D2L 20.19.05 screenshot - use the My Home link to return to your My Home area

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NOTE: What dialogue box windows look like and how dialogue box windows and browsers interact is dependent upon the operating system and browser being used. The screenshots in this tutorial may differ from the screen that the user is viewing when performing the actions described in this tutorial.

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