MSU PBE Summer Symposium Keynote videos

In June 2023, MSU offered a free, three-day symposium for Montana educators, administrators, policy makers, and pre-service teachers to share ideas and learn about PBE. The following three keynote speeches are from that symposium.

Karin Hess

Photo of Karin Hess

Marie Alcock

Photo of Marie Alcock

Mike Ruyle &

Jason Cummins

Wellness Wheel book cover


Recommended Books, Videos, & Articles

This section provides links to and/or summaries of books, videos, and articles that discuss PBE, CBE, standards-based grading, etc. These resources are designed to be accessible (fairly easy to read, watch, and/or understand) and practical (overviewing general concepts, explaining how to implement a concept, and/or generalizing research), although these resources do not constitute empirical studies.

Research Digest

This section provides summaries and references for original, peer-reviewed (i.e., empirical) literature. Unlike the material offered in the recommended books, articles, and videos section, this literature this section reviews, constitutes original research. It is useful for grounding policies and decisions in science. 

State Models and Resources

This section provides links to state websites that have implemented CBE and PBE-type approaches. These sites offer many resources including frameworks, videos, competencies, profiles of graduates, sample graduation proficiencies, blogs, and frequently asked questions (such as the impact on transcripts).

Defining Competency-Based Education

The Aurora Institute promotes the growth of CBE across the U.S. by offering resources, blogs, and symposiums to advance this work. The above link goes to the updated, seven-element definition of CBE developed by Levine and Patrick (2019) that has been widely used to anchor CBE.

CBE Readiness Tool

Hess, Colby, and Joseph (2023) offer a variety of free CBE implementation resources. This link to the "CBE Readiness Tool" provides a pdf template to assess stages of implementation and focus areas for schools adopting CBE. It is useful for identifying where one's classroom/school is in the CBE implementation process.

This link to a general resource page collated by Hess et al. offers a variety of other resources for implementing CBE.