Below you'll find a list of frequently asked questions about the College of EHHD, the Education Department and the Health and Human Development Department. If the questions you have aren't answered, please contact the Dean's office on 994-4133 and we'll do our best to help!

The College of Education, Health and Human Development focuses on a well-being model, looking at the whole student and the importance of developing several areas of well-being (social, intellectual, physical, economic/financial, and emotional/spiritual) in order for individuals to be successful at the university and beyond. We have high expectations for our students professionally and academically and work hard to aid students in their transitions and milestones throughout their time at MSU. Our faculty and staff are exceptional individuals in the areas of teaching and learning as well as in research. We appreciate our students and are thrilled you are part of our college.

You can expect your workload to vary with your credit load. Refer to the MSU catalog for guidance on planning a course schedule that works with your availability:

Yes! Every year, the EHHD scholarship process begins around November for the following year. More information can be found here:

Courses required for all majors and minors in the College of EHHD must be passed with at least a C. See the MSU catalog for full information on requirements for teaching majors and minors:

Students in any teaching major must earn at least a 2.75 GPA overall, in any teaching major or minor, and in the content coursework for any teaching major or minor. See the MSU catalog for full information on requirements for teaching majors and minors:

Your assistant dean and director of student success is Kayte Kaminski, located in Reid Hall 250. Any time you don’t know where to go or need to discuss any process, difficulty, or need a referral to another office on campus to help with anything academic or non-academic, Kayte is a good place to start. 
The Education department office is located in Reid 250 and Health and Human Development is in Herrick 219.

Yes! You can see the complete list of MSU’s student organizations at

  • Add Procedure: Students may add courses using CatCourse or MyInfo through the 5th class day of the semester. After the 5th day, all adds require signatures from the instructor and advisor on the Add/Drop form. After the 10th day of the semester, adds are permitted for extraordinary reasons only and require the additional signature of the Academic College Dean on the Add/Drop form.
  • Drop Procedure: Students may drop courses using MyInfo through the 10th day of the semester. After the 10th day of the semester, all drops require signatures from the instructor and the advisor on the Add/Drop form. Although no refund will be given after the 15th day of the semester, students may continue to drop one or more courses with a grade of "W" up through the last day of the official registration period, with the approval of the academic advisor and the course instructor. 1. Obtain an Add/Drop form from your advisor, department, the Registrar’s Office, or 2. Seek your instructor’s approval. If your instructor signs and records your last day of attendance, go to your advisor. 3. Discuss with your advisor the reason for the change. If your advisor approves and signs the form, return the completed Add/Drop form to the Registrar’s Office with a picture ID.
  • Semester Withdrawal: If a student must withdraw from all classes after he or she has confirmed attendance or paid fees, he or she must initiate the withdrawal through the Office of the Registrar. Graduate students must initiate the withdrawal through The Graduate School. A student who withdraws before the end of the 15th day of the semester will not receive grades for any of their courses. Thereafter, through the last day of instruction, a grade of “W” will be assigned on all courses for which the student is registered unless the Office of the Registrar indicates otherwise. The date of withdrawal is the date the student completes the request to withdrawal form with a staff member in the Office of the Registrar. For extraordinary circumstances, the student could appeal to the Dean of Student’s Office for an earlier official withdrawal date. While the registration fee ($30), tuition payment plan processing fee, orientation fee, ID fee, late fees, social fee, foreign student fee and dorm deposit are not refundable, all other tuition and fees will be refunded based upon the following schedule. The Office of the Registrar record will determine the date used for refunding. A student who stops attending class without withdrawing his or her registration through regular channels will receive “F” grades in all courses for which he or she was registered.