The Office of Student Engagement (OSE) provides and facilitates student engagement opportunities for MSU students through a variety of programs, events, services, and activities. We are the hub for students interested in connecting with their fellow Bobcats through student organizations, programs and events, and engaging in service to the community.


The Office of Student Engagement cultivates a sense of belonging by providing meaningful engagement opportunities that challenge, support and empower students to become leaders on campus, in the community and beyond.


Transform students through life-changing engagement experiences.


OSE Programs


Student Engagement's programs aim to challenge, support, and empower students, nurturing their leadership potential within the campus, local community, and beyond.


Community Involvement

Community Service

Community Service at MSU reflects a commitment to fostering active citizenship by connecting students, faculty, and staff with opportunities to make a positive impact in the local and global community.


Outdoor Program Request

Outdoor Program Request

Obtain approval for hosting outdoor events or programs, including tabling, ensuring responsible use of outdoor spaces on the campus.

Registered Student Orgs

Registered Student Organizations

Campus-based clubs and organizations that provide students with opportunities to pursue shared interests, develop leadership skills, and engage in extracurricular activities.

About Us

Our Staff

Learn more about our commitment to fostering student involvement, personal growth, and campus community through Student Engagement.


Work With Us

Work With Us

Discover employment and volunteer opportunities and join our dedicated team to help shape the student experience and promote engagement on the MSU campus.


CatsConnect Login


This is an online platform that enables students, clubs, and organizations at Montana State University to connect, collaborate, and engage in a variety of campus activities and events.

GivePulse Login

GivePulse Login

Connect volunteers and organizations with Montana State to facilitate community engagement and social impact by coordinating and tracking volunteer opportunities and service projects.


Student Government

ASMSU is the voice of the students, dedicated to enhancing the college experience at Montana State University with leadership and employment opportunities, diverse student-oriented programs and services, and responsible fiscal management of student activity fees.


Office of Student Engagement

Montana State University
221 & 222 Strand Union Building
P.O. Box 174200
Bozeman, MT 59717

Tel: (406) 994-2933
[email protected]

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