The Outdoor Program Request (OPR) Form, linked at the bottom of this page, must be completed and approved to hold an event or program, including tabling, in outdoor areas on MSU's campus.  On AND off campus groups and individuals must complete this form. Please view the MSU campus map and provide us with a DETAILED description of the area you wish to use for your event/program in the online form. 

A number of outdoor areas are managed by Sports Facilities and therefore have a separate reservation process.  Please view the list of these areas HERE. 

Outdoor Spaces Currently listed that fall under this approval process: 

  • Hannon Lawn 
  • Lewis and Clark Field 
  • Quads 
  • Romney Flagpole Area 
  • SUB Mall (area outside Bookstore entrance of SUB) 
  • Centennial Mall 
  • Wally Byam Park 
  • Roskie Beach 
  • Areas outside any academic or campus building 
  • Events in parking lots 
  • Sidewalks and green spaces (such as chalk or staking objects) 

All OPR forms must be submitted at least two (2) full weeks before the event date.   If you submit a request outside of that time frame, we cannot guarantee approval of the event. 

This form is for APPROVAL AND NOTIFICATION purposes only; it does not serve as a reservation. Use of space is on a first-come, first-served basis. You must wait to receive your final event approval email before moving forward with your event/program in an outdoor area of this campus. 


Click HERE to submit an Outdoor Program Request 


Contact information: Please contact, MSU Office of Student Engagement, if you have any questions or concerns at [email protected] or 406-994-2933. 



Outdoor Program Request Guidelines 

Guidelines Purpose: 

These are the guidelines for requesting permission for the use of outdoor spaces on the MSU-Bozeman campus and the requirements that must be followed if permission is granted. 


Any potential user, including campus departments, organizations and off-campus entities must complete the Outdoor Program Request Form (OPR)  on CatsConnect to hold an event or program, including tabling, in an outdoor area of campus for the areas listed above. On-campus groups, please log in to CatsConnect with your netID before submitting the form. 

Please note that if you simply want to put out sandwich boards you do not need to fill out an Outdoor Program Request, but you are responsible for taking down the sandwich boards. Sandwich boards may need to be taken down in the event of extreme weather conditions. This form is for APPROVAL AND NOTIFICATION purposes only; it does not serve as a reservation. Use of space is on a first-come, first-served basis. Registered Student Organizations, On-Campus Departments, and community non-profits or for-profits are eligible to fill out an Outdoor Program Request Form if the purpose of the activity serves our educational mission.  Any events/programs hosted in an on campus outdoor space without prior approval may be shut down immediately. 

Please note the Office of Student Engagement (OSE) oversees the Outdoor Program request form and facilitates the approval process between University Police, Facilities Services, Sports Facilities, Auxiliary Services, and University Culinary Services.   OSE does not approve requests. 

All requests must besubmittedat least two (2) full weeksbefore the event date.If a request issubmittedoutside of thattime frame,OSE cannot guarantee approval of the event. 

Please view the MSU campus map and provide a DETAILED description of the area that you are requesting to use for your event/program in the online form. 

Advertising or promoting a for-profit entity is not permitted by MSU policy. Catapalooza is an annual event sponsored by the university that allows the opportunity for-profits to promote their businesses at the event.  Any for profit entity must apply for and be approved as a Catapalooza vendor. Only approved Catapalooza vendors may participate in the Catapalooza event.  

For profit entities may post flyers on any of the three outdoor public bulletin boards. 

For-profit entities may promote internship or employment opportunities on outdoor spaces. We strongly encourage you to partner with the Allen Yarnell Center for Student Success (AYCSS) in these instances. You can find their contact information on the Allen Yarnell Center of Student Success page 

The use of outdoor space is limited to awareness of the cause/issue, volunteer, internships or employment opportunities. No fundraising or solicitation of charitable contribution is allowed. See Section 300.00, Facilities Use Manual. 

A Special Events Review Form must be completed and submitted for large-scale events such as concerts and events requiring large tents or several small tents, inflatables, large equipment, flammable equipment, and fireworks or flame effects. Please find specifics on the above linked form. Please contact Safety and Risk Management (SRM) for assistance in reviewing/completing this document. SRM contact information: Chris Salter - Fire Marshal, work phone: 406-994-7803, cell: 406-404-9901, email: [email protected] 

If your event is using a tent or inflatable structure, you must indicate it on the form. In all cases the tent/inflatable must be secured for wind load. The size, number, and layout of tents determines compliance requirements. Additional information can be found at the Special Events Tent Page.  

The sale of ANY ITEMS in outdoor areas on the MSU campus is expressly forbiddenSee MSU Policy 400.00 Sales/Promotions and Commercial Activities. Please see next section for exceptions to this rule.  

University facilities and areas may not be used to raise money or to solicit contributions for any individual or organization, except an affiliated group (which includes registered student organizations) raising money for the support of that group, the MSU Alumni Foundation, and any group approved under the annual University Sponsored Charitable Giving Campaign.  See section 300.00, Facilities Use Manual 

Raising funds for nonprofit or for-profit organizations in outside spaces is not allowed.  The exchange of money is NOT allowed in outdoor spaces for this purpose, however, promoting a fundraiser (handing out flyers, etc.) IS allowed. 

Affiliated groups who wish to raise funds for a nonprofit organization, may reserve an information table or space in the Strand Union Building to sell items for fundraising purposes by contacting Conference and Event Services ($5 fee to fundraise or sell in the SUB). 

Affiliated group fundraising for the purpose of raising funds for their organization will be limited in outdoor spaces.  All fundraising activities in outdoor spaces must be approved via the Outdoor Program Request process and must be consistent with the following requirements: 

  • No exchange of goods/items (including raffle tickets or event tickets) will be permitted in outdoor areas. 
  • Only activity-based fundraising is allowed in outdoor areas.  For example, dunk tank, pie a professor, etc.  
  • Groups must work with the Office of Student Engagement to establish safe handling of money and transactions. 
  • Organizations will be limited to TWO fundraising days per semester in outdoor areas. 


A number of outdoor areas on the MSU Campus are managed by Sports Facilities and therefore have a separate reservation process.  If your event ALSO includes one of these areas, please make a preliminary reservation with Sports Facilitates FIRST before submitting this form.  The Outdoor Program Request form does NOT reserve Sports Facilities areasPlease view the list of these areas on the Sports Facilities Policy Manual.  Your group can make a reservation by calling 406-994-7117.  

No programming will be allowed during common hour exams. Prior to submitting this form, please plan to check the Common Hour exam schedulePlease plan to check the MSU Calendar to determine if other large campus events are taking place during your proposed date and time:  

If your outdoor event includes serving food or beverages to members outside of your organization, you are required to have a submit a Temporary Event Vendor Application (TEVA) and get it approved.  There will be instructions on the Outdoor Program Request form for how to complete this process. Instructions are listed below as well. 

Please submit your organization's TEVA to MSU's Registered Sanitarian, Dustin Schreiner, at [email protected]. You must get his approval and complete any food safety training courses in order to serve food and beverages on campus. 

The TEVA form can be found at this link:  
Please download, fill, and send it to Dustin Schreiner (contact information above).  

For the purposes of protecting public health, all food sold and provided on campus must be supplied by MSU Culinary Services. Under no circumstance may food be sold or catered by any vendor or organization other than MSU Culinary Services. If it is an open to the public event, no matter the size, you must order from University Catering. ONLY EXCEPTION: 

  • ASMSU and registered student organizations may be allowed to use off-campus food donated from a local retailer/grocer (TEVA category #1 foods ONLY) upon pre-approval. This same consideration may be extended to non-profit organizations on a case by case basis. Donated food cannot be requested or obtained from a MSU contracted food vendor, or their competitors (Coke, Pepsi, Sysco, FSA, Ghost Town Coffee, etc). 

NOTE:  The MSU campus is considered to be a “closed” campus.  By definition, this means that any individual, or vendor, located outside of the boundaries of the MSU campus, is not permitted to sell food, or beverage, items, due to contractual requirements of the State.  TEVA forms may be required, and the Sanitarian must be notified with any requests to offer food or beverage, to the public, on the MSU campus.  Selling of food, in outdoor areas, is prohibited with the exception of the Culinary Services Division (CSD), of Auxiliary Services. 


To request alcohol at an event, please fill out the Alcohol Request Form.  You must submit this online form at least three weeks before the event.  

Amplified Sound is generally not allowed during regular instructional and business hours. Use of amplification equipment for sound levels over 85dB during 12-1pm or other than regular school hours requires written approval from the office of the Vice Provost for Student Affairs or designee. If you select amplified sound or mention that you want to play sound over 85dB, the designee to the VP of Student Success will comment on your form approving or denying your amplified sound request. If approved, amplified sound levels must be kept between 85dB and 100dB and sound levels cannot exceed 100dB. 
Outdoor Program Requests with amplified sound must be submitted at least 4 weeks prior to your desired event date. Any amplified sound requests not submitted at least 4 weeks before the desired event date WILL NOT be approved. There will be no exceptions to this rule.  

This process includes notification of impacted buildings and if concerns from impacted faculty or staff are brought to our attention, we will consider this in the final approval. If approved, please be considerate of other campus guests, particularly with music lyrics containing profanity. 


Please contact the MSU Office of Student Engagement if your event is cancelled after receiving outdoor program event approval.  

If engaged in activities covered under the Freedom of Expression policy, the participants must comply with that policy. See, Freedom of Expression Policy  

All persons on campus, including any users of outdoor spaces, must comply with the University Weapons Policy.  


Any event/program that requires digging holes or driving any stakes into the ground (no matter how shallow) must request this on the online Outdoor Program Request Form.  The use of stakes, poles or any device inserted into the ground may require utility locates to insure no damage occurs to underground utilities. Fees may be associated with this service for non-affiliated MSU groups. The requester is responsible for ordering a locate by calling 811 and must provide proof of a response on the OPR form.  Failure to provide locates may result in cancellation of that portion of your event. 


If you plan to use chalk/spray chalk on sidewalks/streets for your event or for advertising purposes you must mark this on the online form.  Type of chalk/spray chalk is subject to approval.  Event/program organizers may be subject to clean-up fees. Typically, messaging is limited to one “panel” per message. (A panel is defined as the shape defined by the score lines). Messaging must be at least 20’ from building entrances.  Experience has shown that chalking to the side of the walks allows your message to last longer and be more visible during higher traffic times. 


Any litter your event produces will be your responsibility to pick-up immediately following your event/program. Event/program organizers may be subject to clean-up fees if this is not followed.  This includes any litter as a result of handing out flyers/pamphlets.  Providing additional garbage/recycling receptacles may be necessary and will be provided at the cost of the event organizer. 

Secure for Wind Load 

Canopies/tents/nets must be secured for wind load. If using stakes to secure items, locates are required. Please see above seciont on Stakes/Digging. Again, this is the responsibility of the program organizer. The use of weights to secure for wind load does not require locates. 


If your outdoor program/activity intends to engage the public in an activity (example, rock climbing wall, dunk tank, etc.) you must specify that in the Outdoor Program Request.  Risk factors will be taken into consideration by the event approvers.  

Event organizers are responsible for any damages that occur as a result of the event and may be required to provide proof of insurance if not affiliated with the university.  

If your event requires use of electricity, you must indicate on the form. A fused power strip and any electrical cords must be provided by the event organizer at its expense. All cords must be secured to reduce tripping hazards.   

Generally your event should NOT impede traffic (foot or vehicle). Your event should not be held on a street unless authorized to do so. If the nature of your event may interfere in any way with the normal flow of traffic, it may be approved if the university can take appropriate steps to assure that it will not adversely affect the university functions. No activities may take place within 50 feet from any entrance or exit doors. Your event should not be held on a street unless authorized to do so. 

If your event involves a race that would take place on a street running through or along campus must receive a Race Permit through the City of Bozeman. Racesutilizing sidewalks and crosswalks are still required to submit a Race Permit through the City of Bozeman.You must also be prepared to share a link or upload the race map in the form. 

If your event will include use of an MSU-controlled parking lot, you must work with Parking Services (406-994-1723) to reserve the area.Charges may apply. 

If your event will require emergency services (University Police Department (UPD) Police Officers, City of Bozeman Police Officers, security, AMR, etc.), contact UPD at 994-2121 to facilitate your request WELL in advance of your event and BEFORE filling out this formTypically races and large events will need this. 

MSU is committed to identifying, preventing, and eliminating physical and/or programmatic barriers that interfere with participants’ access and benefit from University programs, facilities and resources. We strive for equal and full participation in all facilities, services, programs and events and encourages student groups to offer barrier free access to all their events and activities by taking proactive measures to provide disability related modificationsPlease contact the Office of Disability Services with questions.