Adopted June 1994; Revised October 2001, scheduled review October 2004, Revised July 2008. Revised February 2009.

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  • 410.00 Non-Affiliated Groups
  • 420.00 Affiliated Groups

410.00 Non-Affiliated Groups

Non-affiliated groups may not use University facilities for commercial promotion, solicitation of sales or to sell goods or services, except as follows:

  1. A group that has contracted with the University to rent a facility may conduct commercial activity within the facilities rented if the activity is noted and approved in the contract for use of the facilities, or
  2. A group that has entered into a contract with the University for the sale or promotion of its goods or services in exchange for support of particular University programs, such as corporate sponsors for Bobcat Athletics.
  3. In the Strand Union Building only as authorized by the Strand Union Policy.

420.00 Affiliated Groups

Affiliated Groups are departments of MSU, registered student organizations or entities affiliated as a component unit of the university for purposes of financial reporting. Affiliated organizations include the Montana State University Foundation, Montana State University-Athletic Scholarship Association, and the Museum of the Rockies, Inc. Sales, promotions or other commercial activity by affiliated groups are allowed as follows:

  1. The group must schedule the space to be used in advance of the activity.
  2. The sales or promotional activity must be directed toward raising money for the benefit of the affiliated group.
  3. Sales and promotions must be conducted only at times and in the locations designated by the university for such activities.
  4. Sales and sales promotion shall be limited to the Strand Union Building, the Bobcat Stadium, Shroyer Gymnasium, and the Fieldhouse.
  5. Each group must limit its sales to a maximum of five days each semester/summer session.
  6. No state facilities, equipment and/or employees may be used for any commercial purpose. Therefore, those using state facilities, equipment and/or employees must pay for any such uses as required by an appropriate written rental or use agreement.
  7. Special rules apply to sales, sales solicitation and promotion or other commercial activities in Family & Graduate Housing and the Residence Halls. See Section 850.00 .

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