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  • 810.00 General Statement
  • 820.00 Food Service at Promotional/Fundraising Activities by Affiliated Groups
  • 830.00 Food Service by Non-Affiliated Groups Renting Sports Facilities
  • 840.00 Food Service Requirements
  • 850.00 Individual Solicitations of Food Delivery
  • 860.00 Exceptions
  • 870.00 Food Store Policy For Sports Camps
  • 880.00 Concessions
  • 890.00 Event Approval for Service of Alcoholic Beverages


810.00 General Statement

For the purpose of reducing the risk of liability and maintaining quality, food safety and control, all food and beveragessold and provided on campus must be supplied by the University Food Services or as approved by the University in a contract with a user of University facilities. Non-University Food Service caterers or food vendors are not permitted to sell on campus.

820.00 Food Service at Promotional/Fundraising Activities by Affiliated Groups

  1. Food and beverages may be served on campus that is prepared by a commercial or domestic source, if donated for promotional activities of the affiliated group, and the food and/or beverage is to be consumed by the group and its participants and not sold. The sponsoring group of an event will prominently display a sign at the event stating that product is donated by the licensed food and/or beverage vendor. Donation of food and/or beverages to an affiliated group does not give the donating food and/or beverage vendor permission or privilege to sell its product on campus.
  2. Although University Food Services cannot donate food and/or beverage products, University Food Services may, on occasion, jointly sponsor an event if funds are available. The University Food Services may authorize the service of off-campus food for a jointly sponsored event.
  3. No food and/or beverage from off-campus sources may be served in the Strand Union for affiliated or non-affiliated group events except as specified in Section 600.00 of the SUB policy. However, the SOB Barn is available for affiliated groups to serve donated food and/or beverages without charge to the participants in the group activity.


830.00 Food Service by Non-Affiliated Groups Renting Sports Facilities

  1. A non-affiliated group that has contracted to rent the Sports Facilities may serve off-campus food within the facility if it is part of the written contract governing the use of the facilities.

  2. Food may be donated and served in Sports Facilities as part of a hospitality area for the convenience of its workers, officials, etc. Under no circumstances may such donated food be sold or provided to the general public.
  3. All food sold or catered in Sports Facilities must be arranged through University Catering.


840.00 Food Service Requirements

  1. All off-campus food and beverage services must be approved in advance by the Conference Services Director and the University Food Services Director.
  2. All food served must be approved by the university Environmental Health Specialist. All caterers or food vendors must comply with the university beverage contract.
  3. Any food or beverage served on campus must meet all applicable federal, state and local codes pertaining to food preparation and food service to the public.


850.00 (Section combined with Section 860.00 below, July 2008).


860.00 Exceptions

  1. Exceptions to these guidelines will include historical educational events such as the International Food Bazaar, the Montana Dietetic Association and presentations which include specific products not sold but necessary for the presentation.
  2. University Food Services has first right of refusal and may co-sponsor an event to allow a group to provide its products for the event, i.e. Belgrade High School selling its concessions for its track meet.
  3. Private office gatherings, where no outside guests are invited to attend, such as staff meetings, holiday parties, birthdays, etc are permitted to bring pot luck type foods including pizza or sandwich type deliveries. However, no outside catering is permitted to cater these types of events.

870.00 Food Store Policy for Sports Camps

When a sports camp group has a need for store-type concessions for its campers, approval of products sold must be obtained through University Food Services.  A complete list of products sold must be given to the Summer Food Service Manager two weeks before the camp store is opened.  The manager will provide those items available from University Food Services.  If University Food Services can not provide any items, the group will be given permission by the manager to obtain those items elsewhere.

880.00 Concessions

Concessions at the Stadium and Fieldhouse will be operated by University Food Services.  University Food Services may contract with outside vendors to sell their products at various concession events provided it is determined to be appropriate and would enhance the concession’s product line and sales and not detract from existing sales.  The contract will be issued by University Food Services and the vendor will follow the rules set forth in the contract.

890.00 Events with Service of Alcoholic Beverages

1091.00   Authorization Requirements. 

The Montana Board of Regents prohibits the consumption of alcoholic beverages on Montana State University property, except  at locations and events as authorized by the President or designee.  The Vice President for Administration and Finance, as designee of the President, may authorize consumption and/or service of alcoholic beverages at certain events.   Consumption and/or service of alcoholic beverages will be approved only with a substantive  event at which alcoholic beverages are not the primary focus of the event.   Any sale and/or service of alcoholic beverages at  an event must meet the following conditions:

  1. All sales and service of alcohol shall be in compliance with Montana laws.
  2. Any sale of alcohol must be by an authorized vendor holding a valid liquor license. Sale of tickets to an event where complimentary alcohol is served will be considered a sale of alcohol;
  3. Unless using a licensed alcohol vendor, any server of alcohol at University sponsored events on and off campus must have responsible alcohol server training or TIPS training; No consumption of alcohol by persons selling or serving alcohol is permitted;
  4. Any person who is authorized to serve or sell alcohol who has reason to question the age of a person ordering alcohol must verify age by requesting a photo identification that proves the individual is over 21.  No service or sale of alcohol to persons who are intoxicated or disorderly is allowed;
  5. Non-alcoholic beverages and food must be made available at events where alcohol is served or sold; and
  6. Alcohol may only be served or consumed in approved locations.
  7. Access to the event must be controlled by the Event Sponsor.

Before any alcoholic beverage may be served at events on the MSU campus, prior administrative approval must be obtained.  If approval is not obtained before the event, alcohol service may not be allowed.  It is the Event Sponsor's responsibility to make sure approval is obtained prior to the event.


1092.00    Approval Process. 

The process for approving the consumption and/or sale of alcoholic beverages originates with University Catering. Please go to the following website: https://www.montana.edu/culinaryservices/catering.html to complete your request.

If service of alcoholic beverages is approved, the Event Sponsor will be billed and is responsible to pay for all security as determined by the University.  The level of security required is dependent on event size, nature and location of the event, effective risk management and other considerations as determined by the University.

1093.00 Exclusive Alcohol Vendor.

University Catering is not licensed to provide alcoholic beverages. Therefore, sale or service of alcoholic beverages at any event requires the use of the licensed alcohol vendor under contract to the University.  Because this is an exclusive agreement, only the University's contract vendor is legally permitted to provide alcoholic beverages for any University events.  Event Sponsors who plan to provide, sell or serve alcohol must contact University Catering to reserve the services of  MSU's vendor and to follow all rules for such use.  Direct contact by the group with the vendor to make alcohol arrangements is not permitted.  University Catering can be contacted at 994-3336.

1094.00 Exceptions. 

The following events require approval of the President’s designee and compliance with this policy but do not require the use of University Catering and/or the University’s exclusive alcohol vendor:

A.  Events at the Museum of the Rockies and University events at the MSU Foundation Building.
B.  Private tailgate parties and Suites at the Stadium for football games and scrimmages, if alcoholic beverages are brought by private individuals for their personal consumption.

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