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Academic Freedom Policy [FH]

Academic Misconduct Procedures

Acceptable Use of Information Technology Policy

(was Acceptance and Processing of Gifts Policy) Classification and Acceptance of External Funding Policy

Accounts Receivable Procedures [BPM]

Additional Compensation Policy

Administrative Fees and Exemptions Procedures [BPM]

Affiliated Organizations Policy

Alleged Copyright Infringement Response Policy

Allowable/Unallowable Expenses Procedures [BPM]

Annual Review Policy - Faculty [FH]

Annual Review, Retention, Tenure & Promotion Policies [FH]

Annual Vacation Leave Policy

Appointment and Employment of Faculty Policy [FH]

Antenna Policy

Asset Management Policy




Background Checks and Program Information for University-Sponsored Programs for Children and Youth Policy

Breastfeeding Policy

Business Procedures Manual [BPM]




Campus Alcohol and Drug Policy

Campus Hospitality and Entertainment Procedures [BPM]

(Use of) Campus Mail [FUM]

Cashier Activity Procedures [BPM]

Classification and Acceptance of External Funding Policy

Classified Employee Probationary Period Policy

Classroom Copying of Books and Periodicals Guidelines

Commemorative Tributes Policy

Common Hour Exam Policy

Compensatory Time for Classified Employees Policy

Coordinators, Fees, Procedures for Use of Facilities [FUM]

Computers and Computing Facilities [FUM]

Conflict of Interest Policy & Disclosure Form

Code of Student Conduct - Conduct Guidelines & Grievance Procedures for Students [CSC]

Construction Activities Policy

Consulting Policy [FH]

Consulting - Nonfaculty Employees Policy

Contract Approval and Execution Policy

Contracted Services Procedures [BPM]

Copyright Policy (BOR 401.3)

Corrective Action and Discipline Policy [FH]

Cost Transfer Policy for OSP Funds

Credit Card Merchant Procedure [BPM]

Credit Card Policy




Data Stewardship Policy

Delegation of Authority Policy

Discrimination, Harassment Retaliation Grievance Procedures Effective 8/14/20

Discrimination, Harassment and Retaliation Policy Effective 8/14/20

Distance Education Policy

Donated Sick Leave Policy

Drug, Alcohol, and Tobacco Free Policy




Electronic Research Data Security Policy

Emergency Management Policy

Emeritus Faculty Policy

Employee Categories Policy

Employee Grievance Policy & Procedures

Employees Telework Policy

Employment and Compensation of Personnel Paid from a Grant or a Contract Policy

Enterprise Information Technology Acceptable Use Policy

Environmental, Health, Safety (EHS) and Risk Management Policy

Ethical and Professional Standards Policy [FH]

Expenditures Procedures [BPM]

Export Control Policy

Extending the Tenure Review Period Policy [FH]




Facilities - General Provisions [FUM]

Facility Use - Procedures for Requesting Use and User Requirements [FUM]

Facilities Use for Sales/Promotions and Commercial Activities [FUM]

Facilities Use Manual [FUM]

Facility Use Regulations and Limitations Policy [FUM]

Faculty Benefits and Leaves Policy [FH]

Faculty Handbook [FH]

Faculty Modified Duties (FMD) Policy [FH]

Faculty Personnel Files Policy [FH]

Faculty Responsibilitites Policy [FH]

Faculty Rights and Responsibilities Policies [FH]

Faculty Workload Policy [FH]

Family and Medical Leave Act Policy - Affiliated Campuses Policy

Family Educational Rights & Privacy Act (FERPA) Notification of Rights

Federal Trade Commission Red Flags Identity Theft Prevention Program

Food Sales and Vendors [FUM]

Forest Service Use Permit and Use Requests

Freedom of Expression Policy

Filming, Photography and Audio Recording on Campus Policy

Finance Policy

Fiscal Misconduct - Affiliated Campus Policy




Gift Cards, Gift Certificates & Cash Disbursements Procedures [BPM]

Gifts and Awards Procedures [BPM]

Governance Policy

Graphic Identity and Branding Policy

Grievance Procedures [FH]




Heritage Building and Sites Policy

Holidays and Holiday Pay Policy

Honorary Degree Policy

(Campus) Hospitality and Entertainment Procedures [BPM]

Human Resources Policies




(Federal Trade Commission Red Flags) Identity Theft Prevention Program

Instruction Complaint Procedure

Instructor (Faculty) Responsibilities Policy [FH]

Intellectual Property Agreement

Intellectual Property Policy [FH]

International Travel Policy  

Institutional Base Salary Policy

Invention and Patents Policy (BOR 401.2) 

Inventory Policy   




Jury Duty and Witness Leave Policy







Leave of Absence and Retroactive Withdrawal Policy

Leave of Absence Without Pay Policy

Limited Submission Policy

Longevity Allowance Policy

Long-Term Designated Reserve Revolving Account Policy

Lost and Found Policy



Maternity and Parental Leave- Affiliated Campuses Policy

Meals and Lodging Procedures [BPM]

Media Policy and Guidelines

Medical Amnesty Policy

Military Leave Policy

Missing Student Policy

Mobile Communications Devices Policy

Mode of Travel Procedures [BPM]

Moving and Relocation Expenses Policy




Non-Employee Appointments Policy




Open Meeting Policy

Operating Policies

Overpayments and Underpayments of Salary Policy

Overtime and Compensatory Time Policy




Parking Regulations

(Invention and) Patents Policy (BOR 401.2)

Payment or Expense Reimbursement for University Employees by Affiliated Organizations Policy

Payroll Rules Policy

Performance Evaluation Policy

Performance Management and Progressive Discipline Policy

Performance Review Post Tenure Policy [FH]

Personal Care Attendant Policy and Procedure

Personnel Records Policy

Pre-Employment Background Check Policy

Personal Transportation Device Policy

President/Chancellor/CEO Transition Audit Policy

Political Activity of Public Employees - OCHE Directive

Posthumous Degree Policy

Principal Investigator Guide

Procurement Policy and Procedures

Programs for Children Policy

Project Fee Assessment Policy

Property Management Procedures

Public Art Policy

Public Employee Responsibilities Policy

Public Participation Policy

Public Record Request Guidelines

Purchasing Card (P-Card) Cardholder Manual [BPM]

Purchasing Card (P-Card) Misuse Policy [BPM]

Purchasing Card (P-Card) Procedures [BPM]







Real Estate & Leasing Policy

Reasonable Accommodations for Employees and Applicants with Disabilities Policy

Relationships in the Workplace Policy

Relationships with Students Policy

Reporting Suspected Legal, Regulatory or Policy Violations

(Procedures for) Requesting Use and User Requirements [FUM]

Research Agreements Policy

Research Misconduct Policy

Residence Life Handbook

(Use of) Residence Halls and Family Housing Facilities [FUM]

Resignation and Retrenchment Policy [FH]

Resource Management Policy

Restricted Research Policy

Restricting Access to Campus Property Policy [FUM]

Retention, Tenure, and Promotion (RTP) Definitions [FH]

Retention, Tenure, and Promotion (RTP) Role and Scope Documents Policy [FH]

Retention, Tenure, and Promotion (RTP) Standards and Timelines Policy [FH]

Retention, Tenure, and Promotion (RTP) Rights and Responsibilities Policy [FH]

Rules for Research Facilities/Equipment Policy [FUM]




Sabbatical Leave Policy [FH]

Sales/Promotions and Commercial Activities [FUM]

Safeguarding Customer Information Policy [BPM]

Security Incident Response Policy

Separation From Employment Policy

Sick Leave Policy

Social Media Policy

Solicitation of Charitable Contributions Policy [FUM]

Space Management Policy

Sports Facilities Policy

Staff Classification and Compensation Administration

Statement on Tenure [FH]

Stay-at-Work/Return-to-Work Policy

Strand Union Policy Manual

Student Academic Grievance Procedures [CSC]

Student Accommodations and Appeals Policy

Student Conduct Appeals [CSC]

Student Accounts Procedures [BPM]

Student Conduct Procedures [CSC]

Student Conduct Records and Confidentiality [CSC]

Student Electronic Communications Policy

Student Field Trips and Domestic Travel Policy

Student Outcomes Assessment Policy

Student Misconduct [CSC]

Student Responsibilities [CSC]




Technology Management Policy

Template for Policies

(Statement on) Tenure [FH]

Testing Services Policy

Title IX Grievance Procedures 

Tobacco Free Campus Policy

Trademark and Licensing Policy

Training and Professional Development

Travel Procedures [BPM]

Tuition Waivers Policy




University Sponsored Charitable Giving Policy and Procedure

University Sponsored Programs for Children and Youth Policy 

Uncrewed Aircraft Systems Policy

Use of Campus Mail [FUM]

Use of Residence Halls and Family Housing Facilities [FUM]

Use of University Name and Logos by Registered Student Organizations

Use of University Property, Services, and Resources

(Facilities) Use Regulations and Limitations Policy [FUM]




Vehicle Use Policies and Form

Video Surveillance Policy

Voluntary Employee Beneficiary Association (VEBA)

Volunteer Policy




Weapons Policy

Web Accessibility Policy

Workers' Compensation Policy

Workplace Expectations and Conduct: Reasonable Accommodations for Employees and Applicants with Disabilities Policy

Workplace Discrimination, Harassment and Retaliation Policy

Workplace Violence Prevention & Policy Guidelines

Work Schedule Policy