Revised June 1994; Revised October 2001; Reviewed October 2004; Next Review October 2007; Revised July 2008; Revised February 2009; Revised February 2011; Revised December 2011.

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  • 1100.00 Distribution Procedures for Requesting Use and User Requirements
  1. Building Interior.  Individuals not associated with the University who are requesting short-term use of University facilities, or student’s requesting short-term use of university facilities for non-university purposes are required to submit a formal request to University Conference Services, located in the Strand Union. The requestor is required to complete the Reservation Agreement (sample agreement).

    For long-term rentals or use of major facilities (i.e., Brick Breeden Fieldhouse, residence halls) contact Conference Services. See also /policy/facility_use/facuse1000.html

  2. Outdoor Campus. Outdoor campus spaces may be used in accordance with the MSU Free Expression Policy.  Requests for Outdoor Programs are made in accordance with the instructions available online at or from the Student Activities Director located in the Student Union Building.
  3. All  requests to use University facilities are required to:
    1. Maintain liability insurance to cover the user's activities on campus and in university facilities in an amount no less than One Million Dollars ($1,000,000) unless a lesser amount of insurance is approved by Legal Counsel. The Certificate of Insurance Form that may be required is available at
    2. Indemnify and hold the University harmless for any damages arising from the user’s use of University facilities.
    3. Provide and pay for adequate supervision and/or security, as required by the Director of Facilities Services, Chief of University Police, and/or a building supervisor.
    4. Comply with all University regulations. /policy/
    5. Pay the appropriate rental fee and/or other charges (including a damage deposit if appropriate) for the use of the facilities and services. Payment may be required in advance of requester's use of the facilities.

  4. Misrepresentations in the agreement to use University facilities or failure to comply with the stated procedures of this policy are grounds for immediate cancellation of granted approval and withdrawal of reservation privileges.

Table of Contents