adopted June 1994; Revised October 2001, scheduled review October 2004, Revised July, 2008.

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  • 510.00 Use for University Business
  • 520.00 Permitted Users
  • 530.00 Registered Student Organizations
  • 540.00 Violations

510.00 Use for University Business

The use of campus mail for the transmittal of correspondence without postage is limited to official University business. Mail which contains correct postage will be accepted and processed through the campus mail system. All use of the campus mail system not specifically authorized herein is prohibited.

520.00 Permitted Users

Affiliated groups, and those specifically authorized by the University, such as collective bargaining units and approved benefit carriers, may use Campus Mail for routine correspondence in accord with the applicable contract provisions. Non-affiliated and sponsored affiliated groups may not use campus mail services without payment of postage.

530.00 Registered Student Organizations

Registered student organizations are entitled to use campus mail services for no more than one bulk mailing of properly addressed campus mail per year. Any bulk mailing not sent by a University department or otherwise accompanied by an appropriate authorization will be opened by Campus Mail to determine the sender and may be returned.

540.00 Violations

Persons or groups who violate this policy will be subject to withdrawal of campus mailing privileges and/or disciplinary action under the Student Conduct Code or employee disciplinary action.

Table of Contents