Subject:                    Governance and Organization

Policy:                       Public Participation Policy

Effective Date:        March 28, 2008

Revised:                    February 15, 2012, September 2, 2020

Review Date:           September, 2023

Responsible Party: MSU Legal Counsel

1. Introduction and Purpose:

This policy is adopted pursuant to §2-3-103, M.C.A., to provide procedures for the public to participate in university decisions that are of significant interest to the public.

2.  Public Meetings

a.  The following meetings will be open to the public:

  1. . University Council
  2.  Dean's Council
  3. Planning Council
  4. Budget Council
  5. Faculty Senate
  6. All Staff Council
  7. ASMSU Senate

b. The public will be notified by posting meeting agendas, including times, dates and locations of meetings, on the MSU website. Members of public may attend the meeting and observe the deliberations of the committees set forth above.  If members of the public are present, an opportunity for public comment will be allowed by the committee and will be included in committee minutes.

c. The committee shall keep appropriate minutes of all public meetings and make the minutes available for inspection by the public, in accordance with Section 3-212, MCA. Minutes must include without limitation:

(a) the date, time, and place of the meeting;

(b) a list of the individual members of the public body, agency, or organization who were in attendance;

(c) the substance of all matters proposed, discussed, or decided; and

(d) at the request of any member, a record of votes by individual members for any votes taken.

3. Public Hearings

The university may hold a public hearing to allow the public the opportunity to submit data, views or arguments, orally or in written form prior to making a final decision on matters of significant interest to the public.