Adopted 1994, Revised 2000, Revised October 2001, Reviewed October 2004, Next Review October 2007, Revised July 2008.

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  • 210.00 Acceptable use
  • 220.00 Prohibited use
  • 230.00 Restrictions on use
  • 240.00 Rules for Athletic and Special Events


210.00 Acceptable use

All use of University facilities must comply with applicable law, this policy and any other university policy pertaining to each use. Certain facilities, such as the SUB and Sports Facilities have adopted complementary facilities use policies. Permission to use University facilities may be withdrawn if the use does not comply with applicable laws and University policies.

220.00 Prohibited use

University facilities and areas may not be used in ways which:

  1. obstruct or disrupt teaching, research, administration, disciplinary procedures or other University activities or operations, or any other authorized activities on University premises.
  2. interfere with the rights of others to enter, use or leave any University facility, service or activity.
  3. expose persons or property to safety hazards or risk of injury.
  4. are illegal or unlawful.


230.00 Restrictions on use

  1. Amplification equipment or use of public address systems will not be permitted on University property or in University facilities if it interferes with the learning environment or the individual rights of those living or working on or near University property. Generally, the use of amplification equipment for outdoor events is not allowed during the regular instructional and business hours between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. Use of amplification equipment during the noon hour or other than regular school hours requires written approval from the office of the Vice Provost for Student Affairs or designee.
  2. Open burning and detonation of fireworks are not permitted within the City of Bozeman and are prohibited on campus, except for certain special events that are conducted in compliance with city ordinances and properly permitted by the city.
  3. No person may sleep in, camp on or inhabit any University facility, parking lot or other university property that is not designated as a residence hall or graduate and family housing. The President or his designee may grant permission for special events sponsored by the University, which include an overnight stay, such as the children's programs conducted by the Museum of the Rockies.
  4. Smoking is prohibited except in designated smoking areas established in accordance with the MSU Smoking Policy.
  5. The use, possession or distribution of alcoholic beverages is prohibited on University property or in its facilities, except as expressly permitted by law and the University's Alcohol/Drug Policy . The unauthorized use, possession, manufacture, distribution or sale of narcotics or dangerous drugs is prohibited on University property or in its facilities.
  6. Dogs, other than service dogs for the disabled, are not permitted in buildings on campus. All dogs must be on a leash and may not be left unattended. All dog owners will be subject to the relevant ordinances of the City of Bozeman.
  7. The use of skateboards, rollerblades, snowboards, sleds and skis or any other equipment which may damage university property is prohibited on campus.
  8. The possession or use of firearms, explosives, weapons, including knives, swords, pepper spray, nun chucks and other martial arts weapons, bb guns, and dangerous chemicals is prohibited except as expressly authorized by law and University policies.
  9. Bicycles may be used in accordance with University Bicycle Regulations.


240.00 Rules for Athletic and Special Events

The University is committed to promoting safe conditions for persons attending events in theBobcat Stadium, the Brick Breeden Fieldhouse, and other campus facilities. Accordingly, the rules enumerated below apply to athletic and special events.

  1. Air horns, glass bottles, bota bags, ice chests, and thermoses (in excess of two quart capacity) are prohibited in all Sports Facilities includingthe Bobcat Stadium and the Brick Breeden Fieldhouse. Individuals possessing such items will not be admitted to, or will be removed from, the Bobcat Stadium, the Fieldhouse, or other sports or concert facilities.
  2. Other restrictions may apply under the rules adopted for use of Sports Facilities or if required by contractual obligations of the University with the performers, promoters or other contractors.
  3. Patrons may be asked to open containers, picnic baskets, bags, coats, jackets, etc. to confirm compliance with these requirements.
  4. Violators may have their beverages or drugs confiscated and may be subject to University disciplinary action and/or legal proceedings. Patrons who are intoxicated, cause a disturbance or disruption, or who otherwise violate these rules will be removed from the event without refund of ticket price.
  5. Persons in tailgate areas must comply with the published tailgate policies.

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