Subject:                       University Human Resources, Physical Plant

Policy:                          Use of University Property, Services, and Resources

Effective Date:           January 1, 2019         


Review Date:               Three (3) years from the Effective Date above

Responsible Party:    University Human Resources

Applicability:               This policy applies to all employees


Montana state law prohibits a public officer or public employee from using “public time, facilities, equipment, supplies, personnel, or funds for the officer’s or employee’s private business purposes.” Section 2-2-121, MCA. In addition, the Board of Regents has adopted various policies related to the use of the university’s internet and email systems which restrict the use to job related activities. See, Policies 1303.1, 1303.2 and 1303.3, BOR Policies and Procedures Manual. This policy governs the personal or private business use of university property, services, and/or resources (hereinafter referred to as “Property”).


Property owned by the university, or for which the university is responsible for, may not be used by employees or others for personal or private business purposes. No employee may use, or permit others to use, university property for personal or private business purposes.


This policy is intended to cover all types of university property, services, and resources, including, but not limited to, vehicles, farm machinery, trucks, supplies, telephones, computer hardware and software, equipment, electronic mail, copiers, products from university farms, and food, drugs, or chemicals. Surplus property may not be used for personal or private business purposes and must be disposed of in accordance with the university Property Management Procedures.


BOR and university policies authorize the university to allow certain uses of university property for non-university activities under certain circumstances (e.g., rental of facilities to non-university users; faculty consulting.) Any use which is consistent with BOR and university policies, and approved as required under BOR and university policies, will be allowed under this policy.