100.00 Introduction

This Guide is designed to assist new and established investigators in conducting research at Montana State University (hereto referred to as MSU or University) by providing helpful resources, and in complying with research-related regulations. This Guide will provide a quick reference to answer general questions about research and to alert researchers to resources available to help them meet their research responsibilities. This Guide also provides an introduction to important research topics and includes links to relevant policies for easy access to current information. This Guide can also be found online at the Office of Sponsored Program website’s home page. The Uniform Guidance, Subpart A contains a list of helpful acronyms and definitions that complement this Guide. 

110.00 Purpose

  • To provide guidance to investigators about how to develop and administer sponsored research projects;
  • To inform investigators, particularly Principal Investigators (PI’s) and research staff of their roles and responsibilities in research administration and compliance;
  • To collect and organize information about sponsored research projects administration in one document;

Generally, the Guide does not constitute MSU policy; either it summarizes existing policy and provides links to policies, or provides guidance and instruction on various topics relevant to MSU research.

120.00 Contents

This Guide addresses standards for conduct of research at the University; sponsored project administration from proposal development through post-award administration; financial and other compliance responsibilities; intellectual property administration and technology transfer; and other research related policies, issues, and resources. 

Table of Contents

200.00 | Standards for Conduct for Research

300.00 | Overview of Sponsored Research Administration

400.00 | Proposal Development

500.00 |Pre- and Post-Award Services

600.00 | Cost Accounting Principles of Sponsored Project Support

700.00 | Developing a Budget Proposal

800.00 |  Facilities and Administration Costs (F&A’s)

900.00 | Proposal Review, Processing, and Approval

1000.00 | Award Acceptance

1100.00 | Post-Award Administration

1200.00 | Grant Closeout

1300.00 | Research Regulatory Compliance

1400.00 | Intellectual Property, Research, and the Technology Transfer Office (TTO)

Appendix A - Institutional Use of F&A Funds

Appendix B - MSU Cost Sharing Policy

Appendix C - Proposal Timeline and Responsibility Chart

Appendix D - Who Can Serve as a PI?

Appendix E - Responsible Conduct of Research (RCR) Plan