From the Federal perspective, as detailed in Uniform Guidance, Section 200.16, and Section 200.343 “closeout” means the process by which the Federal awarding agency or pass-through entity determines that all applicable administrative actions and all required work of the Federal award have been completed and the grant may be closed. All reporting related to performance, finances, and other reporting must be submitted no later than 90 days after the end date of the award. New awards may be denied or delayed if existing awards are not properly closed. OSP is responsible for closing grants, awards, and contracts and will do so when the conditions described above are met.

1210.00 Final Reports and Deliverables

The PI shall work with OSP to ensure that the award is closed in accordance with Uniform Guidance, Sections 200.16 and Section 200.343. This includes completion of project deliverables and submission of any final reporting. It is the PI’s responsibility to ensure that the final report and the project deliverables are submitted to the sponsor.

1220.00 Program Income

If permitted by the sponsor, program income may help to defray program costs. Uniform Guidance, Section 200.307 details requirements related to the generation of program income, property, deductions, additions, cost sharing, and income after the period of performance. Some types of income include fees for services, receipts from the sale, use, or rental of equipment purchased with program funds, and royalties from patents and copyrights. Program income incurred after the period of performance may be subject to Federal requirements regarding appropriate use of these funds. The PI will be required to report any and all program income to Office of Sponsored Programs so that requirements may be met.

1230.00 Excess and Unexpended Funds

Except for fixed price contracts, the total expenditures in the index/fund must match total income in the index/fund. Any excess funds must be returned to the sponsor and any account deficiencies will not be paid by sponsors; however, fixed-price contracts may be an exception.

1240.00 Retention of Records

Most sponsors require awardee agreement to retain financial and research-related records for periods up to ten years. Uniform Guidance, Section 200.333, details additional requirements for retention of records. OSP shall retain any and all fiscal records for future auditing purposes

1250.00 One-Year, No-Cost Extension

Sponsors may allow for a “no-cost extension” or period in which deliverables may be completed without incurring additional costs. The OPAS Committee is responsible for granting one-year, no-cost extensions and PI’s must submit forms or an email explaining why an extension is necessary. Requests should be sent to the OSP fiscal manager overseeing the grant at least 30 days prior to the end date of the existing contract period.

1260.00 Transferring to Another Institution

If the PI plans to transfer to another institution and wishes to move the grant or contract(s) to the new institution, approval will be required by the institution and other officials, as well as the sponsor. The PI should begin the discussion of a transfer with the respective department head and then with OSP so that they may determine what will be required from the institution and sponsor. The PI should plan to submit a final report before the transfer is complete that details the work to be completed and amount remaining to expend. If it is decided that the grant will remain at MSU, a new PI must be identified and the sponsor must approve of this selection. This is typically accomplished by submitting a letter requesting the change with the CV of the new PI attached. An approval signature by the approved institutional official may be required in both cases.

1270.00 Transferring Equipment and/or Property to Another Institution

Major equipment and property purchased with sponsored funds typically vests with the university, however, there are exceptions so the source of funding for the original equipment/property will need to be identified.  The PI shall prepare a list of equipment and the source of funds, to present to the department head and if necessary, the MSU OPAS Committee.  Once a determination of ownership is made for each piece of equipment, then consideration of the disposition can be considered.  If the equipment vests with MSU, it must be managed in accordance with the Uniform Guidance, Section 200.313.  If the equipment was purchased with Federal funds and the government has elected to retain federal title, it must be managed in accordance with Uniform Guidance, Section 200.312.

Any release of equipment will be at the discretion of the department head and/or the MSU OPAS Committee.  A copy of the approved request will need to be provided to the fiscal manager in OSP and MSU Property Management so that accurate inventory records can be maintained and to remove MSU property control tags.

1280.00 Facilities and Administration (F&A) Fund Balances

After the PI terminates from their position at the University, any unexpended F&A funds will revert to the Office of Research and Economic Development. If there are ongoing obligations, it will be the responsibility of the department to request retention of these funds by supplying an outline of how funds will satisfy these obligations. All decisions related to remaining F&A funds will be made by the Vice President for Research or his/her designee.