Appendix A - Institutional Use of Facilities & Administration (F&A) FUNDS

Principles Applicable to Plan:

  • Funds will be allocated to the Deans of each college in order to reimburse costs of research and scholarship and promote further research development across the University;
  • Fund amounts will reflect research productivity of each college, align growth in research efforts and provide a framework to support specific college research needs;
  • The intent of this plan is to reduce ad hoc funding arrangements;
  • Funds allocated to the deans must be used to reimburse costs of research or to expand research productivity (examples include research equipment, lab renovations, service contracts and other research-related items);
  • Funding for faculty startup costs or retentions, required match for grants and institutional support will continue to be negotiated with the Deans, Provost and VPRED;

Procedures for Each Fiscal Year:

  • Eligible fund/indexes will be identified and assigned an F&A distribution code to direct up to 25% of funds to each college F&A fund/index;
  • Distributions will occur automatically as expenditures from OSP managed funds occur;
  • OSP managed funds that are already receiving direct RED support (including match) will be ineligible for this plan unless specific exceptions are negotiated;
  • This plan will be reviewed on an annual basis with the deans.