This electronic version of MSU-Bozeman's Faculty Handbook was created to provide an easily accessible online reference which can be updated when policies change. Also, the hypertext links included in this document assist the reader in locating information. The electronic version also reduces the need for printed copies, which are much more difficult to keep current.

Please address questions or comments regarding Faculty Handbook to Julie Heard at 994-4373.

Table of Contents

Introductory Provisions



Appointment and Employment of Faculty

Rights and Responsibilities

Academic Freedom

Ethical and Professional Standards

Faculty Responsibilities

Extending the Tenure Review Period

Faculty Modified Duties

Faculty Personnel Files

Annual Review, Retention, Tenure & Promotion

Annual Review

Statement on Tenure

RTP - Definitions

RTP - Role and Scope Documents

RTP - Standards and Timelines

RTP - Rights and Responsibilities

Performance Review Post Tenure

Faculty Workload

Intellectual Property


Faculty Benefits and Leaves

Leaves and Benefits

Sabbatical Leave

Corrective Action and Discipline

Resignation and Retrenchment

Emeritus Faculty

Grievance Procedures


Faculty Handbook Amendment Procedures