Policy:                   LEAVES AND BENEFITS

Effective date:        July 1, 2017

Review date:          July 1, 2022


Responsible Party: Office of the Provost


The leave policies which pertain uniformly to all employees by law or by Board of Regents policy are included in Section 1000.00 of the Personnel Policy and Procedures Manual and Policy 708.1.1 of the Montana Board of Regents Policy and Procedures Manual. All employees are entitled to sick leave, military leave, jury and witness duty, civic duty, disaster leave, family and medical leave, and parental leave as noted in the applicable law and policies.


BOR Policy 801.14.1

Faculty members with academic rank who are appointed on academic year contracts shall accrue no vacation leave.

Faculty members who are appointed for teaching, research and/or public service for summer sessions shall accrue no vacation leave.

Staff members who hold academic rank and are appointed on fiscal year contracts may accumulate vacation leave at the rate of 1-3/4 days per month (21 days per year) of actual employment.

Annual vacation leave may be accumulated as of the last day of any calendar year to a total not to exceed 42 days. Unused vacation leave may be compensated upon termination.

If a staff member's status is changed from a fiscal-year contract to an academic-year contract, that staff member may elect to receive compensation for unused accrued vacation leave at the time of the change of status and/or to carry the accumulation.

Academic-year shall mean a period of nine months during the ten months generally between September 1 and June 30.

Annual leave is to be taken at the mutual convenience of the department and the employee and should be arranged in advance with the department head.


There are other personnel policies related to benefits which pertain uniformly to all employees by law and by Board of Regents policy, including paid holidays, retirement contributions and benefits, participation in tax deferred annuities, group insurance, industrial accident insurance, unemployment insurance, and fee waivers. These policies are compiled in the Benefits and Leaves section of the Human Resources Policies and 803.2 of the Montana Board of Regents Policy and Procedures Manual.


As employees of the State of Montana and Montana University System, faculty members of Montana State University are entitled to immunization, defense and indemnification if sued civilly for actions taken within the course and scope of their employment. An employee who is served with notice of a civil suit for matters within the scope of their employment must notify the University Legal Counsel. [Policy 804.4 BOR Policy and Procedures Manual; Section 2-9-305, MCA.]